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I am a Game Art & Design student who's just starting his senior year. I am graduating as a Level Designer. I was told by my accademic advisor that I can use the TorchED mod to build a fully playable level. I played Torchlight 1 and loved it in the past; in fact, I ate it up like a pig with a mouthful of truffles.

I have downloaded the editor and do not know where to begin. I have a few questions though:

1) Where can I find a few easier to follow tutorials on starting off fresh in TorchED? Something that is user-friendly and can guide me through all of the steps on creating a fully functional level.

2) Can I import my own meshes and materials? If so, how do I do that? Because of the size of the games objects, do they need to be high polly, or can I get away w/ low polly modeling?

3) If I can bring in my own meshes, what should the mesh be? An fbx, obj, or something else?

4) I am sure there are pre-made characters/classes in the editor... how can I bring in my own materials for them? This leads to a better question: how can I upload objects and characters to get their meshes?

This is most likely just the start of my questions. I'll visiting the forum regularly, I hope.

Thank you for all of your help!


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    1) There are a variety of TorchED tutorials on Youtube. You might try checking those. You should also check the DocsToolsAndTutorials directory in your TorchED folder for some PDF tutorials as well. Lastly, you can check the tutorials on RGF here.

    2) Yes, meshes and materials can be imported, although a majority of materials are fairly uniform so I wouldn't worry too much about those for now. Check the tutorials for how to do this (I would recommend checking the weapon tutorial PDF as a good starting point, since it should be a fairly simple introduction to Torchlight modding). If you want to keep everything in the same style of the game, low-poly modeling is recommended over high-poly.

    3) Everything needs to be exported to the OGRE format (the extension is .mesh for mesh files).

    4) I am not sure what you mean by "bring in my own materials for [characters/classes]." Bear in mind that terms like "materials" and "textures" don't refer to the same thing; materials are shaders, textures are image files that get wrapped around a 3D mesh. Do you mean to say textures, like making different skin or equipment textures?

    I'm also not sure what you mean by "upload objects and characters to get their meshes"; are you referring to importing object and character meshes into the editor?

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