Is it possible to mod the skill Ui to make this work?

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Hello guys. I'm looking forward to working on a very intricate modification with new classes, skills, crafting, summons and overall gameplay. My skill systems is as follows.

Level 1-30
(unlock base skills, level 1/6/12/18/24/30) You gain 1 point per level, skills max at 15.
  • Leveling 1-100 would grant 99 points, quests could add 21 skill points, totaling 120, letting you max 8 total skills.
  • There are 27 total skills per class, 9 on each tree.
  • None of the skills have pre-requisites so no wasting points to unlock future skills. However, you will have to put a point in a skill in order to see how it's glyphs work.
  • You can respec your skills for a price, but doing this at higher levels will cost you A LOT.

Upon 2nd difficulty or reaching 30-60
(Unlocks glyphs. 3 Glyphs per base skill making it more powerful. You unlock multiple glyphs every 2 leves until 60. You may only choose one glyph per skill)

  • Level 1 skills glyphs would unlock at 30/40/50
  • Level 6 - 32/42/52
  • Level 12- 34/44/54
  • Level 18- 36/46/56
  • Level 24- 38/48/58
  • Level 30- 40/50/60

Upon entering the 3rd difficulty or hitting level 60 or reaching a point in the game, items called "xxxx of knowledge" ("XoK" for short) would drop randomly.
Each glyph will have 5 ranks, making it more powerful.
Each rank will require a number of "XoK"s in order to rank it up. The number of "XoK"s required to upgrade a glyph would increase per rank.
  • Glyph level 1 = 5 "xxxx of knowledge"
  • Glyph level 2 = 10 "xxxx of knowledge" (so 5(r1) + 10(r2 = 15 "XoK" total)
  • Glyph level 3 = 15 "xxxx of knowledge" (so 15(r1/2) + 15(r3 = 30 "XoK" total)
  • Glyph level 4 = 20 "xxxx of knowledge" (so 30(r1/2/3) + 20(r4 = 50 "XoK" total)
  • Glyph level 5 = 25 "xxxx of knowledge" (so 50(r1/2/3/4) + 25(r5 = 75 "XoK" total)

At level 100, you unlock a mastery card. Lets say you maxed out skills in one tree for your class. This mastery card would boost your strength in that tree. If you decided to max out 4 skills in one tree and 4 in another, there would be a card boosting both sets of those selected skills as well. Lets say I'm a werewolf druid that summons creatures. The card would be "Aspect of the Pack" which would give me and my summons dmg/life/def and attack speed when we my creatures are active and i was shapeshifted. If i only put points in the shapeshifting tree, my card would be "Lycanthropy" giving me dmg/life/crit boost and etc. while in werewolf or werebear.

There would be a fourth difficulty, for level 100's only where the most elite gear dropped. If you chose to respec a single skill that was maxed at level 15 and had a rank 5 glyph attached to it, all of the "XoK"s you used to rank that glyph up, would be lost. You could instantly put those 15 skill points into another base skill of your choosing, but you would have to get more "XoK"s again in order to rank up one of the three glyphs for it. This would be costly.


If you have followed all of that, you may be able to see what I need. I'll have to add 3 glyph slots next to the nine maine skills per tree, and allow you to put points into both the skills and the glyphs. (Something like a skill icon with 3 little circles off to the side that displayed a tooltip when moused over) I would also need a mastery card page.

IS this possible? If not, I have a few other designs. Thanks in advance... Arion.
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