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Going to test a Dual Wield Melee Vanquisher for the fun of it...but am a tad confused as to whether they use dex or strength...since she is melee strength right?


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    Str will buff the physical damage of any melee weapon. Dex will buff the physical damage of any ranged weapon. Mag will buff the elemental damage on any weapon.

    Note that only two Wands in the game have any native physical damage component (including the best one), and only a tiny handful of Staves have any physical damage.

    So actually if you had a great hand-me-down staff that you wanted to make the eventual main weapon of your melee Vanq, it would make sense to build up the Magic attribute. Staves are, in general, the most powerful 2-Hand striking weapons in the game, level for level. Otherwise, if you want to use mainly the edged weapons, DW or sword'n'board, build up Strength.

    In general, you get more damage payoff by focusing the Attribute increases on the Attribute that favors the biggest damage component of the weapon classes that you are likely to use - in the case of melee edged (or lumpy - maces) weapons, that is usually physical damage hence Strength over Magic.
    (If the damage component split on your current favoite weapon is 75% physical damage & 25% elemental, each Attribute point that you put into Strength increases general damage done 3x as much as a point put into Magic, barring effects of armor and resistances.)

  • NyroNyro Posts: 142
    Thank you for the making this an alternate in case my summoner gets dull to play or w/e so i can swap back and forth.
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