Such a boring class

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So i have tried this class and i find it boring compared to the other two...anyone else think so? Or am i missing is just everything about this class seems basic and straight forward.


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    It is some of the higher level Skills that make the Destroyer interesting, that and the challenge of learning to go close with close-up killers like dragonkin, blood deciples, ember mycons, and -er- Ordrak.

  • NyroNyro Posts: 142
    Yeah i think i will go up another difficulty and play HC and see.
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    I don't know, I thought my destroyer was pretty fun to play. He was so powerful compared to the other classes and threw up so much DPS and was such a tank he pretty much waltzed through the game, so maybe it was a little too easy for him which may be boring.
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    I found each class to be rather boring up until around level 15. I was going to give up on my current destroyer until I got around that level, now I'm addicted to him. It also depends on your playstyle. I prefer finding a use for many skills instead of relying/spamming a single ability. I find it fun to stampede into a mob, use titan stomp to weaken the mob and cleanup with melee+Spectral Echo. I was a bit iffy on the small duration of frost shield, but I just get into a habit of using it that it doesn't matter.
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    The impetus is on the user to find fun where the devs have secreted it away :)

    [Vanilla purists look away.]

    And sometimes it is so secreted away that it can only be discovered with the careful modification of the game...

    In my case, I find that having to choose between leech and using a skill is a waste of value.

    Case in point: Seismic Burst. A little tinkering with TorchEd and now my Seismic Burst can leech if I am so equipped. Fun ensues.


    Clarification: Having to choose between leech and a skill based solely on the availability of the mana resource. I actively play many builds that either require or can utilize normal attacks both ranged and melee while still able to leech from skills.
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    personally, I've recently rolled a Destroyer and a summoner Alchemist, and I find the Destroyer MUCH more fun to play, because as a Summoner, I just run around watching enemies die, and if I get hit, I'm dead. The Destroyer, the challenge is going toe to toe and surviving it, which is much more engaging, active play imho, and requires you to pay a lot more attention to what's going on. I know they don't have as cool of special effects or attacks, but in terms of degree of difficulty and therefore fun (for me at least), the Destroyer brings much more to the table than any other class. Obviously I'm only referring to VH, on anything less the Destroyer just walks through the game, just like the rest of the classes.
  • I first played the Alchemist, and then the Vanquisher. I found the Vanquisher to be more fun to play. Most of the videos I've seen with other people playing seem to have Destroyers, so I thought I'd save that one for last. So far, I'm liking it, but I still favour the Vanquisher. I think I'm more of a fan to ranged classes, to be honest.
  • I think the Destroyer is a blast to play, personally, but I tend to gravitate towards the melee classes in most games anyways. Not to mention I JUST started using Entropic Aura only recently, so, yeah, still fun.
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