Why should I play as a Destroyer?

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So, I'm looking to kill some time while waiting for a release date, so I'm picking TL1 back up. I'll be posting a similar post in the other two class forums. The ones who give me the most compelling argument will be the class I'll play. I've tried all 3, but haven't gotten as far with the Alchemist or Destroyer as I have with the Vanquisher. If I were to play as a Destroyer, I would likely want to play as a tank, unless compelling arguments could be made for a different playstyle. So, why the Destroyer? What makes them the best / most fun to play? Why should I spend my time on an Destroyer vs the others? Your opinions, please!



  • RemzRemz Posts: 7
    Its pretty simple, you get to smash stuff.
  • OwnerofUOwnerofU Posts: 23
    I love my destoryer and he's such a strong character it's perfect for learning the game on. I have a great template if you would like to try it. My destroyer is based on the titan tree with a few other spells from each of the other trees. Im currently a lvl 50 and have not died or had trouble yet on the hard difficulty,
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