Why should I play as a Vanquisher?

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So, I'm looking to kill some time while waiting for a release date, so I'm picking TL1 back up. I'll be posting a similar post in the other two class forums. The ones who give me the most compelling argument will be the class I'll play. I've tried all 3, but haven't gotten as far with the Alchemist or Destroyer as I have with the Vanquisher. As such, if I were to play as a Vanquisher, I would likely want to play as a melee Vanquisher, unless compelling arguments could be made for a different playstyle. So, why the Vanquisher? What makes them the best / most fun to play? Why should I spend my time on a Vanquisher vs the others? Your opinions, please!



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    Big, fast guns. (or real long range cross-bows with cool sound effects.)

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    It can be challenge going off the beaten path with Melee Vanquisher. For one thing the Melee Weapon Mastery Skill doesn't start until Level 15 which lowers the requirements for Melee Weapons and raises the damage dealt with the basic attack. This can cause problems because stronger melee weapons can't be used until the matter is dealt with - Maxed Melee Weapons Mastery. Some grinding is required to get those ten points.

    This is important because the Vanquisher's Melee Skills(Middle Tab of the Skill Panel) are dependent on the Strength/Current Weapon Damage.

    Overall the Vanquisher is the easiest to figure out and play. Her skills are straight to the point concept wise for each branch and she has plenty of AoE Skills - The Traps, Dirks, Poison Burst, Explosive Shot.
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