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Hi all,

This is my first mod what I am doing is trying to create an item mod and have done
some of the items now how do I get them to work in the game (show up and all)?
what are the steps I need to do?



  • RustyRusty Posts: 1,640
    Well you can test them out yourself by using the console commands.

    The first thing though is to make sure the are loading as a mod. They should be in the mod folder.
  • anya42anya42 Posts: 37
    they are in the following;

    C:\Users\Anya M. McDonald\AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight\mods\YOURMOD folder
    is this what you are talking about or do i have to do something else?
  • RustyRusty Posts: 1,640
    Nope, sounds like they are correct. If the mod is incorrect, it will crash when you try to load the weapon. If so, check the error log.
  • anya42anya42 Posts: 37
    well it is not sure i will make just a weapon or a weapon at all.
    what i am doing is making a set that is not a set. belt, chest,
    gloves, helm, shoulders and boots. i might make some rings
    and necklaces too.

    now once i get it to work in my game, what do i need
    to do to get it to work for some one else?
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