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Hi there.
I'm new to this game. tried every class last few days, and found that alchemist fits my play style best.
I want to build a summoner alchemist.
I googled some build, but none of them mentioned how to put the stat points.
I also searched the forum, some people say put the stats in magic mainly and defense as an option, but others say main in defense.
which is better for hard or very hard difficulty? I'm currently playing hard difficulty.

and, another question. one build i found on google has 140 skill points.
i think the level cap is 100, and you get 1 point each level. so, how can you get 140 skill points?
is there any scrolls or potions that gives you skill points? like those increase X points of Y stat permenantly ones.
or is the guy wrote the build using a mod?

thank you.


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    Since I haven't been playing Alchemists, I won't recommend a build, though I have some ideas from years of exposure.

    The one thing that I will say along those lines is that if you are really dedicated to doing a solidly summoner build, you probably want to generally ratio your build at about a 2 Magic / 3 Defense Attribute point ratio. However, I would go higher on Magic for the first few levels, then higher on Defense later, then level out to about 2/3. A 1 / 4 build might leave your late game character a little shy in the strike power needed for supporting shots, and vs any occasional leakers that get past the minions. Also, not that much should get past your horde of minions, so you you don't necessarily need an absolutely maximum Defense build to survive.

    Due to the stand-off provided by lots of minions, you won't be worried about most elemental attacks either...except the nefarious Red Lightning. Keep an eye on your electrical resist. However, I find it pretty easy to get my electrical resistance up around 800 by Black Palace time even with just one steady Def point per level up, so if you are averaging 2-3, with some attention to E-resist gear choices, you should be fine.

    In regards to Skill Points, that's an easy answer. You get one per c-level promote, so thats 100. You also get one per Fame level gain, so that is up to 55 more. Max available in the game, before you start retiring characters, is 155. Later, when you retire a character, the Heir also starts the game with one extra Skill point, so if you play several generations of characters in the same 'retirement line', you might have access to even 160 or 165.

  • justwayjustway Posts: 68
    thank you, dreamrider.
    your reply is very helpful!
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    For a summoner, particularly if you are not playing HC, your equipment and skills matter vastly more than your stats. If played correctly, you really won't be taking many hits and you won't need to do any personal damage. So meeting the equip requirements of the best pet gear is more important than your attributes effect on your character itself. Personally, I think optimal is to meet the equip requirements of your intended gear set then dump the rest in defense. Pet boosting uniques are very, very important. It takes time to gamble them, but once you have a set of best in slot pet/minion buffing gear, they shred everything, even in VHHC. Your minions are important, but don't discount how effective your pet itself can be. When nearly every equipment slot is used for pet/minion buffing equipment, you have maxed burning bight and pet mastery, you've fished good morphs (burrower, elemental or varkolyn) and you can support the pet with heal all V and VI, your pet can do amazing things. Such as, basically solo the end boss.

    For personal defense, a point in ember sentry, web, and maxed terror are very, very useful. Basically, you rely on crowd control to avoid getting hit and deal with any monsters that leak through your minion wall, rather than trying to be a destroyer and absorb hits - you just aren't built for that.
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    Thanks Thufir.
    I'm playing Hard currently. and is at lv9.

    You're right, the stat is not very important as my minions are very strong, at least in hard difficulty, at my current level.

    my skill is
    3 points in ember bolt.
    5 points in nether imp.
    1 point in thorned minions.
    2 points in pet mastery.

    i invested 10 points to defense to wear equip. 20 points or so in magic.

    my spell scrolls are
    heal II
    summon skeletons II
    summon zombies II
    I want to make a pure summoner:)

    i saved all skill points and stats. only use them when i found i'm underpowered at a certain aspect.

    I summon 1-2 skeletons, 1 pack of zombies, then thorned minions before battle.
    It's really fun to watch my minion army fight down enemies :D

    the only problem i have is, i run out of mana very fast.
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    exactly what thufir said. your minions are strong in any difficulty. ok so u want to be a pure summoner and your skills are 3 ember bolt. why??? you dont even try to hit the monsters yerself. only minions do all the hitting. dont give ANY points to anything except minions and their related skills. others are fine. and stat points...10 defense and 20 magic??? it should be 25 defense and save the remaining 5. as said above u dont do any dmg yourself so ONLY DEFENSE. save some coz u want them for equipping uniques that are pet related.

    as youre playing a pure summoner, u will not be underpowered. the best and only sensible build for alchemists is summoner. all other trees are absolute ****(if u compare with destroyer and vanquisher). but summoners do enormous amounts of dmg. so u wont be underpowered.

    burning bind is much much better than thorned minions. max it as soon as possible.
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