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Hey all! I just tried torchlight recently and am really enjoying it. The alchemist I want to make is a caster(ive seen some people refer to them as a lightning alchemist?) I tried and still have a non **** but VH minion alchemist designed by TheBatotot his necrocharmer. Fun build! I just want to try a caster one now to! I do not really see any threads detailing peoples builds much here. Can anybody help me with any advice on skills worth taking? I know I know! Test them out and see what I like :P I'm just trying to get a little help along the way as I'm playing on VH/HC so would rather not find I made some choice mistakes along the way when a mistake might be the end of things :D Anyhow, any advice on some MUST have skill choices etc. Should I invest in any of the other trees? Some minion support to distract etc. How the caster alchemists do in end game VH etc. Anyhow, thanks all! great game!


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    Beyond that, know that you've chosen a much more difficult path than going with a summoner. A huge benefit of minions is that they tank for you. A minion-less build, you tank for you. And alchemists aren't too good at that. Also, I'd try really, really hard to gamble the unique shield Solitude. Single best defensive item in the game (excepting epic Solitude of course). If you don't know much about how to improve your odds gambling, do a few forum searches on the topic. I'd also consider going with Web for one of your scrolls skills, as it is a zero cooldown and very effective crowd control option.

    If you are a patient sort, I'd also recommend spending a lot of time fishing. Poison and Fire elemental morphs, along with burrower morphs, can really help in a tight spot (such as boss fights, areas with DZs and phase portals). I'd also recommend putting at least a point in each of the golems. They are pretty tough even with one point, and can soak up some hits for you.
  • Hey Thufir! Thanks a lot for that, great stuff in there. I had heard that lance was really good, I wonder why it would not have been taken hrm. Anyhow! Thanks a lot :) much appreciated!
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