Wish Me Luck!

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After a long hiatus I'm running back through Torchlight in HHC mode. I'm at the Black Palace on Deadeye the Destroyer, floor 33. I'm usually one shot by a Dark Zealot by the time I get this far, so maybe this time's the charm...
If you were looking for the next Diablo, you've found the wrong game. This is not the game you're looking for. Move along. No, they're not going to fix that. It was a design decision. That's right, they did it on purpose. This is Torchlight.


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    Consider giving your pet Frost or Fireball, or a Firefish or Venomfish, or less good, Electric Eel. The put the pet on aggressive. The screen edge shots of the pet can serve as an early warning system, albeit an imperfect one.

    Advance a few yards, then kite back to a killing ground, repeatedly, even if you don't see prospective opponents. Set up this 3 forward / 2 back (or 5 forward / 3 back, whatever) pattern as your battle rythmn. If a DZ takes the bait, pull even further back, then quick reverse on her when you are sure it is just one. Do your quick reverse while she is moving; she needs a second or so to get set to cast, and she is fragile.

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