Need Help with Dungeon Editor

HiraevunHiraevun Posts: 2
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I'm having some trouble understanding the Dungeon Editor. I've read over the tutorial doc on this topic that is included with the editor; however, I've not found it very helpful for what I'm trying to do. What I'd like to do is create a dungeon that is randomized from the custom rooms that I've created. I believe that I need to link a set of custom-made rooms to a dungeon that is accessible from town via portal in order to do this. From the tutorial, I do understand how to make the portal. The problem I have is understanding how to create/clone rulesets/dat files and line up all of my content in the right folder. I'm confused because I keep seeing warnings against saving my data in the Torchlight game folder, but it seems like the custom rooms need to be in a folder with the ruleset/dat file in order to work. The way the Dungeon editor is set up, it seems impossible to save those dat files into a mod folder or any folder that is not filed within the media folder of TorchED. And my head is exploding.

:?: Am I making this WAY harder than it is? What am I missing? Please enlighten me by pointing me to well-written docs or well-produced video tutorials on this subject.



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