I need info about the heroes skills and some mechanics

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New player here. Have played one day and I like it :) Though it feels like stumbling in the dark as to what's good and what's not.

Using the Destroyer and he got some skills but I don't know which ones are good and which ones I should use! The problem is that the player doesn't KNOW how powerful the skills are. Examples are Stampede. I don't want to risk a skillpoint since I don't know if it's better than Slash. Like, how farth does he rush? How wide does he hit things? It works with crits? Is it better than Slash? (the stats make me think so but who knows).

If I understand things correctly, then Slash is just like Diablo III Barbarians Cleave. It hits everything in front of him?
Is it possible for me to crit every monster with Slash?

Is there a point to equip two melee weapons? (except dualwielding skill). When I use Slash or Stampede or any other skill which causes "x of weaponDPS" does it count both weapons or only mainhand one? (righthand)

how big area does the auras cover?

Is it useful to invest in several active skills or should you keep to one or two? Cause with my last character I went Slash and Rend (first Titan skill) and found Rend to be pointless since Slash lvl 7 was good enough.

Do some skills just **** or is it just me?

Spectral Bowman....I thought he was gonna be better than the melee specter but ****....he only shoots when I'm so very close to the enemy and he does PATHETHIC damage!! like 14 at lvl 1....

I find that this trying out skills was not a problem in Diablo III since you gotted all skills and could try out what you wanted but in Torchlight it's like Diablo II where you have to try things out again and you find that some skills are so useless you want to scream at a developer :p

I guess I'm looking for a complete explanation of the game mechanics or something. I did read through the whole manual earlier today.


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    your concerns are sensible enough but there is no way to know except testing it out. skills dont have a **** preview video(in ANY games) to show what they do so u have to take a chance.....or not? yeah the alternative is to make a test character and use CHEATS. get some skill points put them into skills and look at what they do then go back to your real character.

    slash hits in an arc of some angle in front of u(maybe 180 degrees but not sure).so u hit almost anything in front of u. dont know about barbarian's cleave. it is possible but not probable to crit all monsters with a single hit. all of them have seperate calculations and critical chance is low so u wont crit all of them.

    except dual wielding?? it adds +60% dmg so that itself is the point if u want more dmg. slash says that it uses all equipped weapons. so it does. stampede dosent. only mainhand. slash uses only melee weapons although it dosent say so.

    cant DESCRIBE how big it is.

    better to have only one or two. 155 skill points are not enough to max all skills.

    some skills really ****. actually for the alchemist, all of them except summons.

    true. shadow bowman does pathetic dmg. and so do skeleton archers but their power lies in numbers(8 of them). and in case youre thinking that shadow armor does good dmg, it dosent. its taken for the block chance.

    i dont think the manual tells you the game mechanics. and its practically impossible to COMPLETELY explain all the mechanics. but...here are my results if u want. u wont understand most of them without thinking for a bit but if u do, itll make choosing skills a lot easier(u still have to use your brain).
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    Short answer for those corrupted by the 'experience' of D3 or other ARPGs where you just run from ! to ? drooling like an idiot: Max spectral armor, melee weapon expertise, critical strikes, 1 point in frost shield, and hold off on investing in a main skill until devastate. Use slash level 1 until then. Equip the biggest 2h you can find or use two weapons provided you invest in DW mastery. Obligatory Pro Tip: You can dual wield a melee weapon and a wand/pistol on a destroyer and still be able to use skills linked to melee weapons.

    The other answer: The developers may have thought "Hey we're pretty clever. I bet there are other clever people in the world who might like a compelling game that offers some real choices and thought. Lets make that." 10 months later - success (mostly :P). So what I'm saying is, grab the respec potion mod that puts in an item actually released with the game but not included in the main build cause the devs are just THAT **** (15k for a respec pot so the choice isn't TOO light) and try **** out and enjoy the game.

    http://www.runicgamesfansite.com/downlo ... file&id=33
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