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I usually play a Vanquisher, but am now trying a Destroyer (VH). Things have gone OK; I'm two levels away from Ordrak and have been killed twice (both on Floor 32); my character is level 34.

However, I find that playing a Destroyer is annoying because of the large number of possible skills, most of which are not always active. I read the many suggestions here and discovered that a good build needs Slash and Spectral Echo and Devastate and Frost Shield and Entropic Aura and Spectral Decay, and maybe Shadow Armor and... well, you get the idea. It seems that playing a Destroyer means endlessly pushing buttons to activate several skills at once; and in the heat of battle you can hardly keep track of which are still "on".

What I'm doing now is keeping Frost Shield on constantly while using Spectral Echo and Spectral Decay often, ploughing into all opponents using a mixture of Slash (left mouse button) and Devastate (right button), and trying to kill Zealots ASAP despite any other opponents nearby. I have pretty much abandoned Entropic Aura and I hesitate to add any new non-automatic skills like Thorns or Seismic Burst because I don't think I'd remember to use them, or have the manual dexterity to do so while remembering to use the others.

Do others do this? Am I missing some technique? What I'm doing works fairly well, but...

(My main reason for trying a Destroyer is that in another game I found a wonderful mace--its DPS is about 950--but no Vanquisher will ever have a chance to use it because of the strength requirement. I can't wait to get to level 43 so I can see how well it works.


  • Destroyer - Longer Skills Duration ... ile&id=146

    This increases all destroyer's inactive castable spells duration to 300 seconds. You can now keep track of when you need to recast the armors by the cooldown of other skills, by putting them in your hotkey bar. Keeps you fighting for a steady 5 minutes, then you recast them all at once! That aura should be easier to recast, but if it still isn't,

    Respec mod ... file&id=33

    The respec mod, to change all your skills around. A mod I personally find amazing is the

    Increased potion stack size ... ile&id=662

    Makes all potions stack over 20. Though this won't help any of your problems, it keeps you in the battle, which seems to be your problem.

    To install just press the windows key and r, type in appdata, press enter, go to roaming-runicgames-torchlight-mods: put the unrared files here. Whole folder.

    If you're a vanilla purist on a rushed and barely updated game while they are making a new one, you're SOL.
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  • Thanks for these suggestions, but I was not complaining about how things were going, just that it isn't that much fun having to worry about so many skills. My character is doing well. On level 34 he got rid of Alric so summarily that he (Alric) never had time to summon a single dragonkin; Ordrak was disposed of much more quickly than I ever did with a Vanquisher, and with no deaths. But it is still a bit hit-or-miss, as I am not always sure what skills are "on," nor have I figured out whether Devastate (with 2 points) is really any more effective than Slash (with 5 points in it). The Destroyer seems to be a "Charge!" character with little subtlety to play. But maybe that's what Destroyers are supposed to play like. Once I get to try out that special mace, I think I'll be retiring him.
  • The mod increases all skill durations to 300 seconds, I thought that that would help the too many skills problem. The respesc mod will help you play around with the classes a little more, so you don't have to worry if slash is better than devastate.
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  • I usually play a Vanquisher, too. it is interesting
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