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Hello everyone, I'm gold163 and I'm the administrator of NPC, a new gaming community focused on casual play! We're hoping to recruit new members to play Torchlight 2 with us.

Board server status:
Steam Group (Invite-only; join the forums first to request an invite):
Gold163's Steam profile:

Full list of NPC TL2 players with time zones:

Current Recruitment Status: OPEN

What is NPC?

We are a general gaming community based around casual discussion and multiplayer sessions. Our current userbase is small enough to count on one hand, so we're looking for Torchlight 2 players to expand our ranks. Some of us are interested in Torchlight 2, so this is a good opportunity for us to find new members since we're essentially recruiting from scratch for this game.

Currently, our community resides on its message board, but there are plans for a Steam group and an IRC channel. Steam group membership will not be mandatory, meaning that we welcome non-Steam users!

What games does NPC play?

NPC plays anything and everything. If there's a game you're interested in, post it up and see if you can find others to play with. Games that are sufficiently popular have their own forum section and group-finding subforum.

Our current members are interested in playing Torchlight 2 and Phantasy Star Online 2. Because our user base is so small as of right now, the direction the community takes with its games will ultimately be influenced by the new members we hope to recruit. If there's a game you want to play with the community, talk about it.

How does NPC play?

The intention is to appeal to a casual player base, meaning we aren't setting restrictions on our members. As far as Torchlight 2 is concerned, mods are fair game, and there is an emphasis on legitimate play but otherwise we aren't going to tell you how you should play. Our belief is that as long as whoever you are playing with agrees, and you are having fun, you should be able to play how you want. Essentially, NPC exists to provide our community with a common ground for finding players with similar interests to play with. What you do after that is up to you.

How organized is NPC?

NPC is not a formal guild or clan. The extent of organized play will be defined by the users of NPC as they see fit. Members are encouraged to use the forum and Steam group features to organize games but we do not plan on regularly organizing official events, raids, giveaways or anything of the sort, nor is participation mandatory in any events the community does decide to organize.

Is there a limit to the number of members NPC has?

In keeping with our casual gaming philosophy we don't wish to be exclusive. Membership is open to anyone and everyone in the hopes that we can all get along. The intention is to hopefully foster a small community where people are familiar with each other. There is currently no member limit; however, in keeping with our community-focused philosophy there may come a point in the future where we will need to close NPC to further recruitment.

Where is NPC located?

NPC's members are not all located in any one place; currently our members are all located in North America, but we are not limiting membership to any one region or time zone.

How do I join NPC?

Becoming a member is as easy as joining the forums:


... And that's us. Feel free to ask any questions about NPC!


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    Ok...i'd really like to say something here, and I hope Gold understands why i'm saying this and doesn't feel that i'm saying it just to make up for anything untoward I might have said to him in another thread. The fact is, Gold is one of the newer folks to have joined up in the last year who has helped make this community the great place that it is.He has a lot of my respect.

    He's been incredibly helpful, is friendly despite the fact that he can sometimes be a rather cynical person and it's the fact that he can be so accepting and welcoming of others despite that cynicism that is one of the reasons i've tried in the past to get him to join my own guild. Bright, funny, intelligent, rational and enthusiastic. Not just about Torchlight but about a lot of other games, too. While we've had our disagreements here and there, he's never stooped to getting angry or being an **** or trolling or insulting or any of that.

    I have no doubt that anyone joining this dudes guild will not regret it. I could easily be jealous of the guy starting his own laid back casual guild but the fact is, this community is way better off with more than one great guild and I can't begrudge him getting great people from the community instead of me because he's one of the good ones...and I mean that. Gold..I really do wish you the best of luck. If there's anything I can do to help you out (like suggest Enjin forums. Seriously, it's a really great guild hosting site and you can do a lot with the $8.95 advanced membership) or if you want to team up and do some charity guild co-op or pvp..please let me know.

    Tl;DR Join this dudes guild.
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    Thanks for the kind words, Zidders!

    Just a notice, everybody: sometimes the forums may be slow or they won't load at all for a couple of hours. I think this is routine maintenance and it happens every couple of weeks. You can check to see if the forums are actually down by visiting this link:

    NPC is on server 11. If server 11 is down, we are down too! Unfortunately there isn't much I can do about that, so if this happens again we will just have to wait a bit. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    Rest assured that the forums are not usually this slow, and that any issues you might be having will be resolved within a few hours at the most. If there are long-term server issues I will be sure to inform you here in this topic.
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    Very tempting. One of the reasons why I don't join guilds is because I don't have the time I'd like to invest. Too many guilds try to put strict schedules on its members to participate. I already have something like that - Real Life.

    gold163 - NPC Forums are fine now.
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    We like to think of ourselves as a community, rather than a "guild" in the conventional sense. If you're too busy to do something, we totally understand and we aren't going to force you to. The thing is, a lot of us are busy as well. We can't micromanage every member, so we don't try to. :D

    So don't worry about time investment, since NPC isn't asking for a commitment. We are probably going to be playing a lot of TL2 as an "event" on and in the days following the release, but none of it is mandatory and the game itself isn't going to disappear. We'll be there when you want to be, too.

    That being said, we need more members! There are only a few of us hyped for TL2 and there's barely any discussion! (° д° ) (° д° ) (° д° )

    EDIT: I suppose I should mention; forum registration requires email verification. I'm putting this out there because there might be some members who don't realize this, and put down an email address that they don't really use or something, meaning that they can't get past the verification step of the registration process. The shoutbox at the top of the forum doesn't require registration to use, though. If you would like to bypass email verification notify me somehow. The verification is there to keep spam bots out but I'm leaning towards dealing with problems as they arise, and spam isn't currently a problem. I may remove the email verification step altogether; however, I recommend you keep an email address on your account that the administration can reliably contact you by anyway, in case you forget your password or something.
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    I might sign up myself haha, but I'm more not available then available, and time zone is gmt+1 here.
  • gold163gold163 Posts: 4,852
    No problem! If you ever want people to play with, we're always here!
  • TymonTymon Posts: 22
    Signed up then =).
  • gold163gold163 Posts: 4,852
    servers down right now Dx
  • Signed up!
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    Awesome to see you've created a new guild! Look forward to killing **** with ya!
    Making a to-do list is on my to-do list.
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    Look forward to killing **** with you guys too! Looking forward to killing **** at all! :twisted:
  • I'll be happy to join you guys, in the process of signing up. :)

    *Edit* Signed up!
  • hihi

    just sign up. Hope to have a great game session with you guys soon :D
  • Hai der. I was directed here from the Ember Adveturers Club because they are getting too many people at one time. Um, may I ask, do you guys, like, avidly play? I'm asking because down here in the southern U.S. we are on a 1 week school break. I want to have someone to play with during the break and not just a bunch of random people. I shall be signing up ASAP and will be available for a game on Wednesday.
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    Steam community is unavailable as of posting but I'm pretty sure there are at least 3-4 people in our group playing at any one time. I participated in a couple of short games over the weekend; unfortunately I'm getting pretty busy myself and a couple of other members might be unavailable but there are many that play the game pretty avidly. If the NPC forums don't look very active, it's because everybody is playing Torchlight 2. :p

    Generally speaking, you should be able to find someone to play with during the evenings at least. If you want to set up a game, all you need to do is tell the others that you want to play.

    EDIT: BAM, it's back. There are 2 people online right now currently playing TL2, and a couple others who would most likely be willing to play if you ask them.
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    Bump because Gold is awesome.
  • I would love to be in your clan of causal gamer i am a level 40 out lander who wants to play with a bunch of cool guys on a cool game thxs ps my Skype name is zombiekiller232
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    yo, I saw you in the shoutbox over at the forums. If you're using Steam, send me a friend req and I'll get you into the Steam group where you can contact the others if you want to set up a session with them. If you're not; no worries, I'll try to set something up.
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    Just signed up! I don't really have that much free time, but I enjoy every minute of my gaming hours, so this group is good for me! Also; I have Steam, so feel free to add me, username should be the same as here!
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    Hello there Serkevan! Unfortunately I cannot find your steam name when I search for it; perhaps you can post it when you introduce yourself on the forums.
  • SerkevanSerkevan Posts: 1,586
    I must be stupid. Thought the current name would work -.-'

    This should fix it!
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    Bump cause of the nice signature which caught my eye :P

    Also, for Zombie who I didn't have time to play with :( I might pop a forum reg myself too :)
    Ign: Mikolz ~ Currently Zerking it like there was no tomorrow
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    I must admit I have been pretty busy for the past few weeks and as such I barely have time to play TL2 myself. :oops:

    I am not sure how regularly our members get together to play sessions of TL2 but from their activity on Steam I assume it's fairly frequently. Game organization is pretty ad-hoc from what I can tell; usually people are up for a game whenever I'm available to play so I don't think anybody should be having any problems. I apologize in advance if the forums appear kind of dead; it's simply that everybody is playing the game and I haven't really had the time to pay enough attention to the boards :P

    I do check the boards every day, and I try to get new members into the Steam group as soon as possible, so you can start playing TL2 with the others asap.
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    Hello everybody! I have updated the list of our members who play Torchlight 2, along with timezones and other information:

    Most of the game coordination is ad-hoc and done through the Steam group, so if you plan on signing up remember to add me on Steam as soon as you can so I can get you in!
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    Bumping for a good guy - people should definitely get on board with this. Gold's been a great contributor to the forums for awhile now. :)
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    Brixtan wrote:
    Bumping for a good guy - people should definitely get on board with this. Gold's been a great contributor to the forums for awhile now. :)

    Totally agree (Brix, you beat me to this). Honestly, join this guys guild!
  • SerkevanSerkevan Posts: 1,586
    Not doing proselitism, but it's quite a lot of fun when we manage to overcome those **** timezones and play together! Though I already lost 2 HC characters T___T.
  • Gold's acerbic wit alone is worth the price of admission.
  • SerkevanSerkevan Posts: 1,586
    HOLD THE PRESSES. Brixtan, I just found some Unique bracers with your name! (BTW, they are awesome for a low-level outlander).
  • AcrylikAcrylik Posts: 1,848
    wait wtf.. gold why dont u join eac? npc is casual too?

    whatever.. i dont like the community being split, i'll join npc too.
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