"unable to determine file type" on startup

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I am currently unable to play, or even start, Torchlight 2. So, lets get to it.

I am running Windows 7, preordered and preloaded the game through steam. Today at around 3 pm EST, I tried to launch the game. It said that it had not yet been released, then uninstalled, reinstalled, and changed "pre-load" to "play." I clicked play, it showed a white screen and the computer crashed. I reset, launch steam, and the game is uninstalled. It redownloads (third time downloading now) and I try to launch it again. I now, consistently, get the message "Unable to determine file type (best guess ASCII). You need to save the file as unicode -recommend doing it in wordpad." It does not say what file as it is cut off, but it is in the "C>Users>Computer>Documents>My Games>Runic Games>Torchlight 2>Local_Settings" or thereabouts. On crashing, it gives me a crash report. The crash report then crashes too.

I uninstalled the program myself (add/remove program) and tried to launch it again, same result.


  • Alright, an update. I may have fixed it, not totally sure right now.

    I determined that the file it was complaining about was local_settings.txt. (C>Users>Computer>My Documents>My Games>Runic Games>Torchlight 2>Local_Settings.txt). I opened the file and it was blank! I saved it as unicode (It was previously anicode?) and got the same error. Continued to change the encoding, continued to get the same error. Deleted the file, game runs. Closed the game, restarted, game still runs. Not certain if it will stay that way but it is progress, nonetheless.
  • I deleted the local_settings.txt and my tochlight 2 now runs aswell. I had exact same problem for a while but because of your post i can play again thank you so very much. :D
  • Exact same problem, your solution worked!

    TL2 tried to pop up a message about what the bad file was but the window was too small and it said 'c:\users\xxxxxx\my games\runic G' Why not allow me to decide where to install TL2 (all of it). Windows already installs too much **** on the C drive! My path would have been much shorter, like d:\tl2\

    I think I know why the file was bad -- the computer froze and I had to power off,
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