My husband and I have different versions??? :o

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My husband and I can't play LAN games together. After checking things over, it appears that we have... different versions.

My husband purchased his copy via Steam. His version is

I purchased my copy via Perfect World. I have the Runic launcher and my game version is The launcher won't patch it any further. I am currently in the process of downloading the 1.3 GB full install on the off chance that it fixes this.

Does anyone have an answers as to what's going on here? Where can I find a to patch?

Thanks... we really want to play the game TOGETHER!


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    That is quite peculiar... I remember after preloading my game it had updated a couple times before launch. Perhaps perfect world still hasn't caught up?
  • Well, I just discovered that if I rename the executable and then run the launcher... it doesn't patch back in a correct executable... That is, I think it's not getting the manifest properly from Runic. So it's probably not downloading the latest patch because it can't actually reach the server. When I rename files and force a Verify... it does nothing as well.
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    Well have you tried reinstalling the game and letting it patch without renaming?
  • I renamed the folder and tried an install -- I'm afraid to scrap my files, since it appears the launcher isn't working right. It didn't work. I haven't tried a full wipe and reinstall yet. That'll be next... after I've downloaded the 1.4 gig install and after I've thrown a belated birthday party for my kids.

    Thanks again. I'll check in when I get back online. Probably be quite a while.
  • Confirmed! Looking into why it's not patching. Sorry for the inconvenience and hopefully we'll get you patched up quickly. thanks for letting us know!

    UPDATE - so turns out our LAN uses only the first two digits of the version. So I'm guessing there is something going where the game just can't see other games on your network. I'm going to hand this thread over to Justin our Network guru. Maybe he can give you a couple ideas on what to do.
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    Hi guys, I'm investigating right now. I will say this before I even find an answer - only pay attention to the first two numbers of the version - both and are "version 1.9", so you don't need to re-download again. Hopefully that'll save some of you the time of getting the entire game over and over again! The last two numbers are information from our build system.
  • good to know

    very informative
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    We double-checked internally, and LAN games between and are working for us. How are your computers connected? It's possible the broadcast messages the game uses to find each other aren't propagating across your network.

    Are you able to play Internet mode together?
  • I hate to steal someone elses thread, but my wife and I are having the same problem. Same version of the game in our case (both Steam), but we can't see our LAN games at all.

    We can see and connect to each others Online games, but we get disconnected from each other after 10-15 seconds of play, I'm guessing that's a NAT issue which I'm looking for a fix for, but if I can get the LAN games to work I'd be happy. NAT I can work out with some swearing later. :)

    At the moment I've currenlty taken the (rather uncomfortable) step of deactivating all the firewalls, still no luck. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • Okay, I'm back. We were out all day and the kids wouldn't leave the park until sunset and the mosquitoes were eating them alive. I tried to post earlier but autologged (kid interruptions) and lost my previous post.

    Thank you again for an official reply. I really didn't expect one, and I'm grateful for it. Thank you!

    We tried Internet play. Last night we couldn't get it to work, because apparently Runic's servers were down (?) but tonight it works just fine. It's a little laggy. We're on the other side of the planet, and it seems really silly to connect to Runic's servers to play the game with someone a few feet from me.

    Our setup is thus: I have an old Win XP computer. My husband has Win7. We have had some minor hiccups in the past with local networking (namely, sometimes he can't find my computer's shared folders). Win7 seems to hate XP a bit. That's okay, I don't like Win7 either, that's why I don't have it.

    We have a fiberoptic modem with a hybrid router. The computers are physically plugged into the router while it broadcasts a wireless signal for the tablet PC and the Wii. The router is a Buffalo (I don't recall which model exactly) and we've never had any problems with it. We have had problems getting the DS to work with it, I don't recall exactly why.

    I can dig up the manuals and model numbers for the router and modem, but the latter isn't in English... at all... so it might be a bit difficult for me. :shock: I can read it... and its network setup page... very... very... slowly. Like less than Captain Kirk speech speed. Definitely less.

    Anyway, thank you again.
  • The server's aren't hosted by RUNIC, so playing online shouldn't actually "lag" when you play with your husband, since the host is on the same network as you..

    Normally, as long as you and your husband are connected to the same router and same workgroup, it should work..

    Read up here: ... and-vista/
    You might find something of use, first make sure your computers are connected and can share, then lan should work.
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