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This thread will now be updated on a bi-monthly basis. This gives modders time to change what they feel should be changed before it is finalized in my thread, and also gives me time to search and add as many mods as I can. Also, new forum rules make it necessary, as a moderator needs to approve edits made to the thread. If you see a section vanish, fear not, for it only means that a moderator is approving the edit, and it should be back shortly.

You can help! See a mod, tool, or save that you think should be linked? Let me know, either by a post here or in a private message and I will add it!

Adding many mods can get tiresome, and I may accidentally make a mistake. Is the mod name misspelled, or the author name? Is the date added incorrect? Does it link to an entirely different mod, or do you think it is in the wrong section, or a new section should be made for it? If you see anything that you feel needs to be changed, PLEASE let me know and I will get onto it.

Helpful links!
Runic Games Fansite Torchlight 2 mod database
Torchlightme Torchlight 2 mod database
Custom save doesn't work? Try this!
.PAK mod doesn't work? Try this!

Pak Extract (by Jarcho) - Added Sep. 20
by: Webbstre
We now have a tool available for you to unpack Torchlight 2's assets to use in modding.

DAT2TXT and TXT2DAT and PAKTOOL v012 WIP now in EXE flavour - Added Sep. 21
by: cienislaw
Converts ADMv2 files to DAT - readable text unicode form.

PAK extractor with source code in C - Added Sep. 29
by: CUE
This is my PAK extractor for the game, source code included.

TL2DATHELPER v2 - Added Sep. 30
by: Dav92
I've written a small programm with which you can open, modify (with simple syntax highlighting) and convert dat to txt and vise versa.

PAK file packer, that doesn't need to repack whole DATA.PAK - Added Oct. 1
by: fgaaghf
I created another Torchlight 2 packer, but this one doesn't need to repack the whole DATA.PAK file and can make PAK files with just a couple files that you actually changed.

[TOOL] T2Gamepad v0.5 - Added Oct. 6
by: 0x442E472E
Since Runic doesn't seem to add gamepad support i decided to do this on my own.

For translators, new texts to translate. - Added Oct. 7
by: cracrayol
With these files, I was able to create a new cvs file, compatible with transtool, who contains all new texts that the dat2txt and transtool could not extract, including main menu texts.

Enemy Modifier Tool - Added Oct. 11
by: Sarkilas
I've compiled a quick tool for my own purposes of scaling enemy properties (of all enemies) up or down by a given percentage. The initial topic regarding my enemy scaling can be found here if interested. Also includes: Enemy Buff Mod For anyone who's interetsed. Multiplies monster HP by 10, damage by 15% and removes monster critical hit chance.

Announcing Torchlight 2 Rapid Respec - Added Oct. 13
by: Chthon
Torchlight 2 Rapid Respec is an unofficial, fan-made respec editor for Torchlight 2.

MAP MODS database - Added Oct. 17
by: Salan
In order for all of us whack jobs to get our maps playable by as many people as we can, we need to make sure that we aren't using the same map as the next guy.

[Tool] Salad (WIP) - Added Oct. 17
by: nubomfg
Salad (named after my favourite food) is, as you can probably read, a plugin-based package modder.

[TOOL]TL2 Layout Editor - Added Oct. 20
by: Sluggington
Basically, what we have here is a GUI based layout file editor.

PAK Manager - Added Oct. 21
by: thenewguy1
What it does: Show in a box all pre-guts mods installed (after setting the directory path to your torchlight folder). Allows to toggle on/off mods you have.

Automatic ITEM flag remover - Added Nov. 11
by: undertaker79
I decided to write a C code to automatically remove the CHEATED flag from items in shared stash.


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