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I'm seeing some people who have had issues with Steam Cloud not uploading their saves for one reason or another. If this happens to you for any reason, or some other catastrophe has caused your save to lose progress, you may still be able to reclaim that progress. Please follow these steps:

1. Go to your Torchlight 2 save folder: C:\Users\<user>\Documents\My Games\Runic Games\Torchlight 2\save\<long string of numbers steam id>
2. Find the file that has your character name and ends with ".svb"
3. Make a copy of this file and save it to your desktop in case you need to revert back to it
4. Delete the ".svb" file from the folder
5. Find the file that has your character name and ends with ".restore"
6. Rename this file so that it ends with ".svb" instead of ".restore"
7. Load up the game and your character should be where they were at the last autosave (the last time you entered a dungeon or outdoor area)

Hopefully this will restore any progress you lost since your last autosave.


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    Everyone who plays the game through Steam is using Steamcloud by default. And that's great! But some people have accidentally overwritten their character saves with old versions, erasing several hours of gameplay. That ****!

    Lets talk about how to avoid overwriting your saves, and how you can recover if you do.

    Steamcloud automatically uploads your saved characters and settings files, and then retrieves them later so that all your characters are available on every computer you play on. Sometimes it can get out of sync and isn't sure which file is newest, the one on your hard drive or the one uploaded to the cloud. It will then ask you whether you want to overwrite your local file with the cloud file, or upload your local file to the cloud.

    What you pick here is important. If you're only playing on one computer, then you'll always want to keep your local file and upload it because it will always be the newest. If you're playing on more than one computer, then the cloud file may be a new one from the other computer and you'll want that one.

    If you pick the wrong one and see that your character isn't the right level on the main menu, then there's still a way to recover, as long as you don't load that character. Again: don't load a character if you can see a problem with it! There's a backup of the character on your hard drive which you can use to fix the problem, but that backup will be overwritten as soon as the character is loaded.

    If you need to restore a character, here's how:
    - Don't load the character
    - Close the game
    - Open up the folder containing your TL2 saved games: \Documents\My Games\Runic Games\torchlight 2\save\#bignumber#\
    - Look for your character's save. It will look like: CharacterName_(GUID).svb
    - Move that file to your desktop or another folder to get it out of the way
    - Look for another file named: CharacterName_(GUID).restore
    - Duplicate that file and change that file's name to the .svb file's name

    That's it, you should be able to launch the game now and play your character.

    If you would like to disable Steamcloud, you can do that through the options in Steam. Right click the game and choose properties, then see the option on the Updates tab.

    I hope this helps, sorry to anyone who has lost some progress with their characters!

    You can force Steam to upload your character to the cloud when you're done playing by closing down Steam. This might be a good temporary workaround for people playing on multiple computers.
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