Veteran Difficulty is not what it seems..?

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I just got to A3 with my 2h NG. I found hardly any good upgrades during A2 until the last boss where I found a unique great axe that was quite a bit better than my great sword I was using. It does half physical dmg and half poison damage. I immediately travel to A3...walk out to the first area....and get my **** handed to me. Turns out these guys are straight up poison now I have to start looking for poison armor to stack. Having to change everything about my armor immediately and without warning is a bit of a drag.

To be honest, my veteran playthrough has been a touch frustrating. Since the beginning of A2 I have not in the slightest felt on par with power...always underpowered. Instead of relying on a balanced gear selection and skill usage to get me through these has been "how many potions can you carry with you at one time?" (my potions used count is INSANELY high...500+ by now I do believe) I've been trying to trade out my various "+'x' stat" gear for gear with better armor overall to cut down the damage....but that isn't helping. :\ I am simply constantly overrun almost everywhere I go by a ratio of enemy dps that far exceeds literal back to back potting, a rank 9 heal bot, rank 3 charge reconstitution, 30+ life recovery per second, and rank 3 forcefield. I'm not an extraordinarily knowledgeable person with regards to ARPGs, but I must say that I was greatly deceived as to the difficulty of veteran.

P.S. - Another something worth noting is that I have found 0 unique armor pieces in the game up to lvl 38 that can be used for my NG. EVERY SINGLE unique armor that I find is class specific...and isn't for the NG. :( Every piece of gear in my build right now is blue. Some boss even gave me a unique ring...that required level 1...when I was at around 30-34....??

I think I may just be getting some bad luck with this game's randomized content or something. Can someone share better experiences so I can be sure that better experiences await me?


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    Or you have bad luck, or I have good luck, but act 2 on veteran is wery easy for me, and I have around 6 uniques alredy on lvl 30 =). Why dont you farm act 2 oboss a little (and other bosses)
  • I am a veteran outlander, level 25 on Act 2. I have found 7 spells, 5 of which are very beneficial (attack speed spell + Outlander charge + share the Wealth + 2 pistols with .6 attack speed + high crit = murder as an example) and at least 10 uniques. I have found many set pieces, 3 complete sets, even some uniques for my pet, and some to trade with other people like friends and such.

    I say you just have bad luck. And if you feel underpowered, it may be due to your stats/skill allocation.

    I would suggest try on normal?

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    Post patch edit: Act 3 just outside camp feels correct now.

    Thanks guys.
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  • I remember I was half way through Act 2 and I hadn't had a single death with my Engineer on veteran. I was proud. I then got killed 5 times by the same monster and a bunch more in that Genie's survival quest and now I end up dying fairly often, half of the time quite surprisingly. I think I have about 20 deaths now.

    Its not as bad as Torchlight 1, which was either super easy or super hard but I don't feel anywhere near comfortable enough with the game or enemies to go ****. Veteran is fine for me at the moment, I like challenge and dying is a part of it - something would be wrong with an isometric ARPG if you didn't die, like, seriously wrong.

    I'll enjoy looking forward to Elite but I think that is dependent on gear, which I'm fine with. My only gripe with dying is the hit boxes and the mouse-click lag, so if I'm attacking something and find myself outmatched I either carry on attacking the same monster even though I've clicked away or don't manage to click away to move but instead start attacking something else. That's probably my only major issue with the game since movement is so refined and necessary - its sort of a glaring area for me, in that it truly hinders not only your control of the character but the game experience itself.

    Still, if I was meant to die, I probably should. :D
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    I agree with the OP. Veteran doesn't even seem doable for some builds, for example my first character was a shadowling outlander and that just failed miserably on veteran. The shadowlings started doing 1 dmg to everything even with a fair amount of +% pet damage, and that's only when they lasted more than half a second since they'd die to the first hit they took. I mean I know how to kite, who doesn't, I continued on for a while plinking away at things with my bow but it got boring when all the skills I was picking ended up being useless.

    I started playing a very defensive engineer, which worked for a while, until bosses started throwing around pure elemental damage attacks that could one shot me. All those plus armor skills and points into a healbot reduced to nothing as I again was forced to run circles around stuff and just kite them. Making you run around in circles and hit things for twice as long is not hard, it's annoying, that's not what the difficulty option should be IMO. Things shouldn't hit harder or have more armor, there should just be more enemies and/or higher chances of champions. Otherwise balance is broken, defensive characters become useless and the only option becomes going pure offense and kiting everything, which is always a valid tactic and isn't made any more difficult by the system.
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    I'm half way through Act 3 with my Outlander on veteran and have little problems. The one guy that gave me a headache was that skeleton guy in the arena ugh chain wiped on him like 7x.

    I try to keep all resists high and focus on them as my primary form of defense, I also use stone pact to further amplify this defense and then stack elemental protection ontop of it. End result is I can pretty much face tank any magical hit in Act 3 without problems. The heavy hitting melee attacks are my main issue but those are kitable for the most part.
  • Fall back to Act 2, level up some then proceed to Act 3.
  • I have been pretty unlucky with drops in Act 2 as well. But thanks to the socket recipe and enchantments I was able to manufacture some decent gear for me. Also, the vendor is a good place for upgrades as well, if you haven't found a good item for a certain item slot in a while.
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  • I'm on the complete opposite side, i feel like vet is to easy, i'm destroying elite monsters within a few seconds. Pretty sure i need to go to elite =\
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    I have the same problem..Veteran difficulty is incredibly hard for me and my 2h engineer. When i attack just one or two monsters alone- i kill them easily , but when there are mobs everywhere they kill me almost instantly or i have to just click and run...Some monsters kill me instantly in one shoot. I cannot use basic attacks but only Flame Hammer which takes a lot of mana. I dont have money because of buying HP and MP(which are really expensive btw).I would give everything for changing difficulty right now.
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    Well, Act 2 vet was just easy for me tankzerker. did die 2-3 times, but only because i wasnt paying attention. Pretty much Overgeared for Act 2, so i entered act 3 and got killed 3 times at the same place until i found out that i can only tank 1-2 hits although i got high HP and pretty good resALL. Started using canons to get rid of em ^^

    I dont say its too hard ! I'll just need some time to get into it ( burning hp and mana pots like **** ^^ )
  • I feel that there is a reason one of the loading screen tips in this game is: "On the harder difficulties, sometimes you have to level your character up a bit more before you can proceed to the newer content!"

    Or something along those lines. Try to grind out some levels maybe, then go to Act 3? Veteran is supposed to be pretty darn challenging as far as I understand it, it is one difficulty lower than the hardest difficulty in the entire game.

    Just for reference I am a shadowling Outlander on Veteran Act 2 and I haven't had any issues yet.
  • For those who find the difficulty level not much of a challenge, wait for the Modding community to get their hands on GUTS etc and they will no doubt recreate the old mod that upped the difficulty level. :ugeek:
  • I'm playing a 2H Engineer on Veteran too, and I think I died around 60 times in Act 3 now, which is about 10 times as I did in Acts 1-2 combined - about half of them in Grom's Arena, though, when I just brute-forced my way through the fight after I was out of both gold and pots. Respawn, warp into pile of skelettons, Flame Hammer x2-3, die, repeat. I definitely wasn't having fun there. All in all, things started to get tough at the beginning of the act when I ventured forth into the wilderness... to be slain by a spellcasting Mycon with AoE (fire? Honestly mostly I can't even properly tell which element monster spells have most of the time) attacks in close quarters. ...and again. ...and again.

    My char just turns out to be quite squishy, even though I statted 2 vit/lvl and invested into some healing and armor skills. My gear was quite nice for some time in act 2, but now I've run into some money problems thanks to my newfound addiction to healing potions and I can't spend enough money to upgrade. Also, the loot quality seems to have taken a turn for the worse. The damage I can dish out still seems adequate, but as soon as I get piled up on it's over - a few AoE spells, ranged attackers or just packs of mobs make short process with my char if I can't get enough clearance to maneuver around (and with gibs and particles spraying around and obscuring the view and the rather trigger-happy targeting system, getting clear isn't always easy). Add the occassional unlucky crit here and there and the gameplay turns out to be quite frustrating. And all that in level-adequate areas.

    Meh, guess I'll have to grind somewhere.
  • I started dying a bit in Act 2/3 vet on my berzerker, but it was mainly because I was neglecting my defensive stats. Try to forego some of your flat health gear or sweet damage boosting gear for some Physical Armor or Poison Armor instead. Also watch your debuff bar, if you get poisoned back off for a bit and play safe. Also please remember your pet exists. And has stats. And fish can make his stats amazing. I highly suggest getting some crab eggs, as a crab pet with Heal Self/All is near unkillable.

    In regards to back tracking to level, I never once had to do this before New Game+, in NG+ I fell a little behind on the spider map, then 2 levels behind on the next. Luckily on NG+ you can just head to the mapworks to catch up though. So long as you're within the level range of the zone you're in then you should be fine.

    EDIT: It's also worth mentioning that any skill that makes you move quickly and through monsters is a life save and should probably always have at least 1 point invested in it. I know engys get one, they just get it in the 30s while the other classes have theirs before level 14 (Berzerkers can get Shadow Burst at 1!)
  • Darkkrows wrote:
    Fall back to Act 2, level up some then proceed to Act 3.

    I'm two levels over-leveled for the area I'm in. I shouldn't HAVE to do this.

    Everyone else: Thanks a ton for your input. Looks like it's back to grinding and farming same Act 2 bosses. Oh well!! :)
  • I was playing as my tankgineer yesterday through Act 3, and since I was already stacking tons of armor and resists, I had no issue. Your mileage may vary of course. Just gotta stack that poison resist.
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