Sweet Aid = Life Saver

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Ironic, isn't it. The very potion that would kill you also happens to have saved my life. While fighting Vyraxx the dragon, he pinned me to the corner and one of his push attacks nudged me into the wall, and eventually the balcony. I knew this wasn't a good thing because my character bypassed the collision detection and I was likely to spend eternity as a new ornament for the level. Sadly, my twitchy finger hit the heal potion just as I was about to die (this all happened in the heat of the moment), and of course as fate would have it the dragon fell to his wounds. I looked up how to enable the console to free myself of this prison, but to no avail I couldn't get it to open up in game. Luckily for me, I still had that sweet aid lingering around in my backpack. It has one heck of a kick, but within a couple seconds I was back in the game!

So, two things.
1. Runic, please fix those collision issues. It seems related to any push attacks. Even mobs fall off the edges when pushed.

2. Can someone explain how to get console to work? I enabled the console in the settings file, but none of the documented keys listed online works (shift + ~, INSERT). I tired to change the console keys in the settings file as well, to something more reasonable, but they didn't work either. FYI I'm using the steam version if that makes any difference.


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    Thanks for this!
    I got the excat same situation (dragon, Steam version, pushed on balcony..) and now i killed my character with potion and i am back in the game.
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