How did I die?


  • My only guess would be game lagged for you and what happened on screen wasnt exactly what happening in game.
  • weird... bug?
  • i know it was on page 2 but just thought i'd bump. this happens a LOT in multiplayer, regardless of your situation. even on LAN, be it hamachi or tunngle or something, or playing with a person who is literally 6 feet away from me, this happens way too often in multiplayer and the amount of deaths because of it is ridiculous. it's become a habit for us now to just alt F4 any time our health moves with no enemies on screen.

    i honestly can't even tell anymore if i'm dying because i'm just getting caught in bad situations, or because the game seems to desync constantly. the other night in act 2, we killed a champion sand hulk, only for it to get back up and punch someone and kill them instantly. wasn't targetable for attacks, just saw the animations go off. 3 of us saw it on our screens, the person dying obviously didn't.
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