Respect each other; this is a place for friends. :)

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This has been a pretty friendly community of people and we'd certainly like for that to remain the case, so I just wanted to post a quick reminder to everyone.

You may voice disagreement with other people without name calling. When someone makes a post, you can read it, offer constructive feedback, and be friendly. However, disagreement with a person does not grant the right to stop treating him or her as a person.

We believe strongly in the idea that genuine respect is the core element of a healthy community. At the end of the day, all we're really interested in is having fun; it's why we make games. And our forums should be a fun place for friends to talk about the things they enjoy together.

This discussion forum is about Torchlight II. It is not about your rating of someone else's intelligence, or a comment on how you think someone's appearance affects their reasoning, or place to slam people who have played other games. Let's remember why we're here when we're discussing the things we enjoy.

Our community is our most valuable asset and we want to ensure that ours remains friendly, vibrant, and diverse for many years to come.

Thanks, everyone, for taking a moment to read this post. Now, back to Torchlight II. ;)
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