Help! can't see items on the ground (Fixed)

andriandri Posts: 6
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Was doing my thing in a "Map" and show items disappeared on me, as you can see on screenshot there is nothing off with that, tried ticking everything off, applying, reticking, zoning
everything, items only show if I press (alt), but i really dont want to be running around while pressing (alt) all the time.
Is there a console command or something I can do so I can see the items again?

Mousing over the item so you can see it

All ticked.


  • KiirKiir Posts: 64
    Bottom-left of the screen, magnifier icon. Click it.
  • SeedersSeeders Posts: 302
    This happened to me, i had to exit and restart the game.
  • Kiir wrote:
    Bottom-left of the screen, magnifier icon. Click it.

    Haha that easy eh, I did not notice that.

    Thanks for quick response, im keeping the thread up so someone else can see it on google :P I googled like crazy, found nothing.
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