Lets discuss the deadly things in each act

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There was a post like this in the D3 HC community that I found to be extremely helpful. Just list anything you can think of that has killed you or almost killed you, and where it is found. Hopefully we can save a few HC characters from oblivion.

Act 1

- POISON. Location: Everywhere. Poison drops all of your resistences by 33%, so keep an eye on your debuffs to be sure you don't have it. If you try to engage a fight while poisoned you will go down fast.

- Mannox can be a long and difficult fight if you don't have enough dps, so bring many, many potions. He is located in the crypt area.

- There is a caster elite in Wellspring temple that places bombs on the ground, be sure to move off of these before they explode (especially if they're stacked!). I lost my first Berserker here because I stayed in one place and ate about 6 blasts at once.

- Nethermancers in Frosted Hills. These guys are deceptively strong, as they rarely hit you with all three of their nukes. But if they do you will be hurting. Get Poison resist to protect yourself, aim for 100 resist. I lost my level 19 embermage to a nethermancer.

- The Frosted Hills ice magic casters. Can't remember the name, they look like yetis. From what I can tell their most dangerous attack is the one that creates a moving ring of ice around them, so don't stand on the ring. Again, you'll need to stack frost resist for these.

I'll add more later as I remember them.


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    Act 1 - Act 2 - Act 3

    - Spellcasters.

    - Big monsters with big weapons.

    - Phase portals.

    - Dark alchemist.
  • Act 1 - Chillhoof. You dont have enough frost resist or get too close = you die.
    Act 2 - Spider cave. Arena. Those mobs that grab you to them (if they are many, you cant do anything and can die easily)
    Any act: Phase Portals (avoid them like a plague)
  • Could only list some things from Act 1

    - Chillhoof, even with 300 Ice Armor don't ever stand in point blank range of his icy horn attack, same goes with King Pog (sp?).
    - The Blood Monkey, (The plague starts now..:D) try to isolate and keep him away from corpses before he amasses an army
    - Casters (Nethermancers, Frosted Hill Casters, Goblin Casters, Fire Casters) maintain distance and try to learn what spells they cast, also try to keep some armor in inventory for specific elemental resists
    - The Nether Hulk thing with the smash attack
    - The Alpha Bat thing in the Ice Caves can also be quite dangerous
    - Of course, Act Boss. I was Lvl 25, 2.2k HP and his smash attack dealt up to 1.8k damage to me
  • mindw0rk wrote:
    Act 1 - Chillhoof. You dont have enough frost resist or get too close = you die.
    Act 2 - Spider cave. Arena. Those mobs that grab you to them (if they are many, you cant do anything and can die easily)
    Any act: Phase Portals (avoid them like a plague)

    Those mobs that grab you are the worst. so is the phase portal challenge with the oozes.
  • Sometimes there is a caster champion in the wellspring temple that specifically casts fire spells according to his description. I've lost two berserkers to that guy :( I was feeling real solid with plenty of life on hit and rushing through most mobs, then that **** showed up and spiked my health with his fire spells.
  • Point of View of an Embermage meleeing w/ dual claws (now claw + shield in act 2) on Elite HC after finishing Act 1
    1. Even with the frost phase skill, those Cliffhoof Shamans hit hard! They have two spell attacks. The first one is the Homing Frost Blizzard that shoots 3 slow moving tornadoes at you. This can be avoided by LOS (though you really have to run further) or hide behind obstacles. The other one is the Black **** of doom. The Shaman channels in a wide circle around you 5 dark **** that upon completion will simultaneously collide to the center of the circle. Alone, this is really avoidable, but with groups and alongside the spam of frost blizzards dodging this spell could get tedious and could potentially 1 shot your character. I haven't died yet on my first EHC char but by far this spell has dealt me the most damage (1.6k) and is the current record holder on my statistics.

    The **** also do individual damage so don't stress too much if you feel you're gonna get hit by a ball or two, just don't get hit by everything!

    2. The cliffhoof Brutes that tend to charge at you. They don't really do that much damage (750ish-900ish at 50 - 125 armor) because they don't really hit fast afterwards, you get knockbacked and they are quite predictable (they stop and "rage" before charging) but if you get caught in the open or in some tight corner with two or so brutes it could get really messy. Both the cliffhoof brutes and the shamans are the reason why I opt to get 1 skill level of Pbolt for spot removal and ranged combat. They are however big and dash in a fairly lower range than expected so you can abuse the terrain to your advantage by again hiding behind obstacles when they are attempting to charge at you.

    3. Alpha Bats in the caves are easy, but don't trigger them when you are still busy fighting cliffhoofs!

    4. Nethermancers alongside their minions can be devastating to charge at. Don't let them mob you and try luring a few if you don't have crowd Control spells because their botls do large amounts of damage, their melee minions hit hard and has mini knockback and inside the Refuge they tend to spawn netherlings upon death that would **** your movement in tight corridors.

    5. Nether Hulk. Stay away from him and try to kite it around. I don't know how for melee but if you can't kite it w/ cantrip ranged just observe carefully when he is about to do the smash attack because this one hurts twice the cliffhoof brutes you encountered earlier.

    6. Grand Regeant. Nether Hulk on steroids with her smash attack and Nethermage w/ frost phase minus the freezing effect. She is deadly when the spawns spawn and you are meleeing her, it gets pretty difficult to spot check her next smash attack.

    Special Mention

    1. The Bandit Kings - One is a barbarian that hits hard, the other a caster than spams bolts and fire spells all day. Don't trigger the bandit assassin spawn in their room, lure them to the previous room to make things easier.

    2. General Krell - Rocket Punch!~ Don't get caught in the pillars :D

    3. Goblins in the mines - the frost arrow hurts and try not to do much aoe beside breakables, they have bombs inside them. And I mean every breakable has them!~ Try to take out the shamans first because they cast a totem that boosts all goblins within the area, dealing more damage,.

    I'm at level 30 ATM, 25 1st char, 24 hours in the game, on Elite.
  • In ACT II, in the Dungeon where you fight The Artificer - there are traps littered throughout the dungeon (holes in the ground - spikes come up). These are devastating. I saw two other people online die at the exact same time because of one trap. I assume they just hadn't noticed there were traps around. Just take your time and pay attention to the tiles.
  • In Act II, the second quest the Djinn gives has a section where you need to stay within a moving lighted circle to avoid a big DoT, which is fine, until the circle moves down a corridor of traps. Easy enough for a Beserker (savage rush), but I'm not sure how other classes handle that one. Also in Act II, you can get swarmed by desert rats if you don't find and kill the nests that spawn them. Act III: Trolls. Trolls are evil.
  • Act 3 - Arena of slaughter in the Cacklespit questline.

    Just lost my 41 Firemage on Veteran :mrgreen:
  • The Djinn's first challenge as an embermage - either the boss or its mate imprisons me and the big dude stomps all over me whilst I'm trying to quaff potions & break out before dying. I failed to do this earlier today and lost a levek 36 embermage :[
  • The prisons are actually traps on the ground that you can manouver around. I would also suggest to pull the baddies through the fence gate and mash 'em up in smaller packs where its safe.
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