Vyrax's Tower - where is the key?!

CdnBisonCdnBison Posts: 8
I've been all through Rivenskull Gorge. I've smashed everything there is to smash, killed everything there is to kill, moused over what seems to be every pixel of the map - no key.

Is there anyone out there who can shed a bit of light on this? My gut tells me the key is in a grave (click a gravestone), but that seems a little too obscure / difficult to find. So - where did *you* find the key?


  • I believe it was given to me by someone in the next Act's town... (I know I had to portal back to it...)
  • I had the same issue. You get it later in the story.
  • Ri0RdianRi0Rdian Posts: 78
    edited September 2012
    Thiss the bad dragon has it, it's in a different zone and a different dungeon though. Forgotten Halls. :D
  • Thanks. I've gotten so used to each map being self-contained that I was starting to wonder if it was bugged. Or that I was missing the obvious.

    Good to know I haven't lost my marbles.
  • MstrSinisterMstrSinister Posts: 7
    Sorry for digging back the old thread, but I seem to have a problem with this key. To be more precise: I didn't get it after slaying Thiss. Now I am pretty much confused what to do next. I play version on Steam Linux. Please help.
    PS Thank you very much all you guys at Runic for bringing this awesome game to Linux. I hope your next games will be cross-platforms from the very beginning. Thank you again.
  • GeistGeist Posts: 128
    Reroll the world and try again. You may also have to do the Blue Boletus quest first if you haven't already.
  • MstrSinisterMstrSinister Posts: 7
    Hello and thanks for the reply.
    Could you elaborate on this "reroll"?, I am not entirely sure what you meant and how to do this. I have already done the Blue Boletus as well as couple of others quests. Also I tried saving and getting back to Thiss couple of times but no result - the key is still not there nor in me pet's or my inventory. Please help.
  • GeistGeist Posts: 128
    If you start an internet or LAN game, you have the option to reroll, which will randomly regenerate the map and you can fight Thiss again. The key won't be in your inventory though; check your quest log to see if you actually have it.
  • MstrSinisterMstrSinister Posts: 7
    The point is: this is a single user game. Fortunately deus ex machina must have taken place because mysteriously the spirit key is now in my quest log so my problem is solved. Just for the record: is there a way of rerolling just one chapter or quest in single player mode?
    Thank you for your help.
  • GeistGeist Posts: 128
    You can go between single and multiplayer freely. If you don't want to reroll, you can visit a few other dungeons, then return and it will have repopulated itself.
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