Grand Architect Set... Am I Missing Something?

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Hello people, just wanted to show what I discovered while wandering through the "Torchlight II Armory". It's not a BIG discovery that'll change the course of humanity but anyways. I don't know if this will be a spoiler for someone so I added a spoiler thing :P

Now, the set has 7 items in it, but it has a set bonus for 9 items. I checked every item (well, rings + belt is missing) to find the other two items for bonuses but couldn't find it.
Any ideas about this? Though it doesn't matter for now since it'll probably take a lot of time for me to find any piece of it in-game, I just want to know if I'm missing something :D


  • There are several on there like that. Torchlight 2 Armory is not official, has lots of errors, may have things missing, and should not be relied upon. There may or may not be other parts to the set.

    It could still be a dev mistake and pieces of the set may be missing in the game.

    So...we'll see :)
  • ArionicArionic Posts: 110
    It could be possible to get two rings of the same set and that stack as an additional piece?
  • I'm pretty sure you would be able to stack the rings.

    I had 2 Grell's Left Fist and got the 2piece bonus. I thought that was amusing
  • umrkkumrkk Posts: 12
    Yep, stacking two set rings work :D

    And about the architect set bonusses; I really think they forgot to put 2 other set items into the game :D
  • There could also be weapon(s) in the set a la Ole's Tools.
  • I found a unique ring level 75 - Translucent Ring. It is part of the Cornerstone set.
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