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Is it possible to script model swapping in the Mod kit? This question applies to both the player and the enemy units. When I saw the teaser with the boss being corrupted it just hit me. Can a trigger in game despawn a player model and replace it with another model, then as a bonus add multipliers to its dmg and possibly even add temporary spells until you despawn that new model and return to the original? I suppose it might be easy with enemies: upon enemy kill another/new type spawns, but can you set the new enemy spawn location to the location where the original died?



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    There's actually a TRANSFORM effect you can apply to change a monster into another monster, so you should be able to do it. That's effectively how pet transformations work.
    You could pack it onto a skill, and you can cast skills on units from script.
    You can also have them just die and immediately spawn something new and mask the transition with animations/particles - we have Spectres that cast a spell on zombies to turn them into more spectres for instance.
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    Hmm, a new Mod immediately comes to mind. Transform all enemies within a restricted area around the spell caster into small harmless animals that you may then easily dispatch or ignore. :twisted:
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    will there be a chicken creature in the game? or should we just create it, that sounds like a polymorph spell and may lead to a Warcraft mod, they could call it, Caves of Warcraft: the Grotto of the Lich King.
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  • This is pretty exciting news, we'll see how adaptable this ability is, it sounds pretty awesome
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