Elite HC 6 player NO REROLL run.

MaskyMasky Posts: 95
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So basically we play from the beginning and it's 'Last man standing', we play until there's only 1 left.

Anyone up for it?


  • ZissZiss Posts: 54
    Sounds like fun :) Video material! Would be a nice addition to my TL reel :D
    Help support my channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/EremirMC
  • MaskyMasky Posts: 95
    ok we only need 4 more ;)
  • I'd be up for this, think we could get started today?
  • I would like to join in, I should be able to play tonight around 8 est.
  • MaskyMasky Posts: 95
    I cant tonigth, but u guys go ahead if u manage to get a whole team

    how does lag work if one is playing from europe and another from another continent?
  • Add my steam and we can talk about starting http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065947324/
  • MaskyMasky Posts: 95
    When you guys come up with a time let us know here,

    dont have steam :P
  • If u have 2 slots left me and my gf would join. Doing this with skype?

    EDIT: When would you like to start?
  • I'm up to this if there's still room. Send a pm.
  • MaskyMasky Posts: 95
    How about tomorrow afternoon?
  • MaskyMasky Posts: 95
    We can always make groups if we r more than 6
  • Tonight or early tomorrow is good for me.
  • Ahhh I know I am a day late but I want to be in this!! My suggestion would be not to see who last man standing is but see how far you can get as a team, should be fun and still hard since there is no re roll. ;) I would love to do other challenge though, please include me and add me, have sent requests to a few of you. I am in CET time - Spain
  • MaskyMasky Posts: 95
    So is this afternoon good for u guys? is around 4-5 pm ok? (that's in 2-3 hours from the time of this post)
    Im also playing from Spain
  • I'm ready to get started.
  • MaskyMasky Posts: 95
    add me
    username masky

    Im going to create a game so we can meet, will be playing with some other char until we are ready to go

    gamename: ELITE NO REROLL
    password: asd
  • I'm in. Just need a few more.
  • MaskyMasky Posts: 95
    So i've created a game without a password, whenever we have enough ppl we will start
  • ohhh i want to do this! :D
  • MaskyMasky Posts: 95
    the most difficult part is actually to arrange a time so we can make a 6 player group
  • I'd be up for this. Currently on Veteran HC, but Elite might be fun to try. I don't like rerolling the map so Vet has been a good challenge so far - curious how Elite is
  • MaskyMasky Posts: 95
    What I'm curious about is how far you can go without rerolling in Elite.
    I wonder if it's possible to finish act1.

    The bigger the group the better I guess, since they can trade items and improve their gear.
    I wanna see some of those D3 HC 'pros' playing this.
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