your highest damage dealt?

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Hi i have question for everyone :D , in arcane statistic is one interesting stat: Highest damage dealt.. so i have exactly 12 000... and i dont get it, i play normal ng+ 58 lvl now , 2x one hand engineer.. and i dont think that i can do 12000 crit.. so some bug or i have enormous luck on execute crit? maybe with elemental overdose spell and execute crit... but i watching my dmg and max crit what i saw was somethink about 7000... what you think guys?


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    Look if you don't have some " - X to all armor per hit " on your weapon or else.

    [EDIT]: I forgot:
  • oh, thats possible... i have this stat from i dont know maybe level 45 so i have different weapons and gems now, but its possible.. thanks ;)
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    Mine was 35k or something. **** alone knows how that came out >_>"

    That was when I was lvl 60-70. Now that I'm 95... Yea >_>"
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    So far, 37k crit. But i gotta say i found a legendary 2h mace with 1k dps.

    EDIT : Just did 44k.
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  • 4450 at level 45
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    Just checked. Now at 96... 88k >_> GEEZ!
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  • must be some bug, cos i just got the overpower achievement with my lvl20 berserker on elite mode against the grand regent.
    i was curious and checked the arcane stats and it said highest damage dealt: 146296

    thats far beyond what i expected. maybe its really a bug where the immidiately killed adds were added to that stat. seems possible cos there where a lot of them still alive while the kill happened.

    funny sidekick was: i killed her with 1337 hp on my char hahaha...
  • level 50 cannoneer, 14k crit with [LINK DELETED]
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    Apparently, 109846 (level 86). That should definitely NOT be a single hit.

    It must have been when I made that topic about the bugged DoTs on phys damage over time. It's been fixed, though (phys damage over time is still good now, but not way OP like before).
  • ım 93 outlander and have 94k..;)..ıll take 110k at lvl 100 :))..ım the best dealer haha :)
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    ım 93 outlander and have 94k..;)..ıll take 110k at lvl 100 :))..ım the best dealer haha :)

    nothing special...

    On my Frostmage:

    Did over 900k on a test PBMage with nearly BiS
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  • ı found ımba enc baby and my dealt now 124k.... ı thınk ım the best outlander ın thıs game:D
  • 723k lvl 71, sup
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    I can't even begin to explain mine, it shows highest damage dealt = 2126500

    And I don't have great gear.

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    Was an Emberquake. Yum.
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    27k received....ouchy
  • I have not checked for a while, but my level 30(ish) 2H engineer allegedly dealt 12k worth of damage. I was really surprised when the Steam hard hitter achievement popped up!

    I assumed it was damage dealt to a mob with 1 hit, as my weapon only does 500 per hit.
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    212k or so, Flame Hammer hit.
  • I had a proper look now, and my highest damage was from my 35 shield bash build. 91k! my hc version has a measly 1700 :(
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  • 200k almost flat.

    I am a str based spec
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  • my embermage did a 55K at ~ level 50. Super hard to reproduce since his critical rate is only 4%
    my outlander level 80 max damage is only 29K, but his average damage is 12K per hit.

    then I tried using console commands o create a character and see what is the highest possible damage with all the gear increasing damage and using the highest damage item all enchanted with damage stuffs. The highest damage dealt is:
  • if you want to increase your max damage :
    max STR stat
    debuff skills
    +%crit damage(capped at 500% fyi)
    and then find a zone with very small ennemies like the rats in act2 and then use an aoe skill if you do not advance to NG+ and you are high level, the lvl difference lets say lvl70 vs lvl23 will make you do crazy damage on these puny ennemies ;)

    debuffs and +% crit damage are the key for zerkers and mages I guess it's the same with engineers
    howl+raze = something like ennemies take 80% more damage
    hailstorm+frostwave = ennemies take 60% more ice damage
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    My 25 embermage somehow got a 47K 'highest damage' credit. I just assumed it was a bug.
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    If your damage seems high, it can be from a shield glitch. I know that shields which reflect ranged attacks can glitch and increase the damage by a crazy number. Iceshield is prime example.
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