**** is amazing!

mammatusmammatus Posts: 48
edited October 2012 in TL2 Hardcore Mode
I came to this game from D3 where **** wasn't even an option due to my wireless con sucking and my graphics card failing every couple of hours.

I got this game, fancy myself something of a champ so jumped straight into elite softcore and zerged my way through as a beserker, throwing myself at everything until it dies. Finished the first walkthrough with 621 deaths!

Tried **** elite mode and ****, its sooooo much fun, even dying isn't so bad.
Playing an outlander named Eva5

1st death was due to something silly when testing the waters.
2nd death at lvl 10 public game, got killed while telling someone how to use portals.... raged at him a bit.
3rd death was lvl 17ish frosted hills 1 shot by a pirate in the cellar.
4th death was at lvl 20 and actually via some mean lvl 30 who told me if you /pvp and duel the fight stops at 1hp!
5th death hasn't happened yet, currently lvl 28

Everything just means so much more on ****, every hp, every drop, every bit of damage, everything is so valuable.



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