HCE only (no other difficulties played) Alchemist kill

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Just killed the alchemist in act(4)....was reading in another thread that there was some kills already. I didn't expect to be first or anything...but it feels like a bit of an accomplishment. Haven't farmed too much.

Playtime is 34 hours. (This is my 2nd engineer, first was 1shot by a troll in act3)

My character is sword//board with shield bash, forcefield, spidermines, gunbot, & the other obvious skills.

Not to post any spoilers I'm not going to say anymore....but we will see what comes next.

Loving the game so far.


  • gratz. hit me up on steam, xnanochefx or if there is a way to add friends by username (besides console) name is Tastysheeps . i play HCE only
    runicID:TASTYSHEEPS steamID:XNANOCHEFX -Feel free to add me c:
  • Update, level 63 in the mapworks now. Anyone else in newgame+ or mapworks in HCE?

    Will add you when I get back on tomorrow. :)
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