Best Socketables for Elite Beserker

MattamMattam Posts: 46
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For Armor, it seems that %DR (damage reduction) and +HP (health points/hit points) seem to be the standard and make the most sense.

For Weapons, I'm not too sure... we can use X% more Crit, X% more Crit Damage, mana per hit... what else would be useful? Opinions?


  • TieryalTieryal Posts: 420
    For armor, Eyes of grell. 3% damage reduction is insane.

    For a weapon, it is more build dependent. Before you get the currently broken battle standard, I suggest a +10 or +20 mana on hit in a weapon. It will increase your DPS by a metric **** ton. Also, it will come back into play when BS gets fixed. Crit damage can be good, but also elemental is just fine to increase weapon DPS to scale your raze etc.
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