Question: Death's Bounty in Multiplayer

BloodytrailzBloodytrailz Posts: 69
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So, how does it work?

Who do the soul bolts decide who to target?

Do they seek out the lowest health players?
Do they simply all go to whomever is closest to the mob when it dies?

I'm very curious to this because i currently play with an engi/engi/outlander trio (1 is 2her 1 is sword/shield) and was wondering how viable deaths bounty would be in a 4player setting. If it all just goes to the nearest player that would be useless.

Anyone with experience in death's bounty and multiplayer who could shed some light on this would be greatly appreciated :D

Thanks for your time~!


  • nobody has anything on this? =/

    I know death's bounty isn't exactly a popular skill to use, but i'm going fire mage which leaves a lot of open skill points, and death's bounty seemed like a great option for multiplayer elite play ><
  • MayoraMayora Posts: 388
    It's seems to home on the closest player to the debuffed mobs.

    On multiplayer, it can do for pinch healing with an Outlander - simply cast it on Bramble Wall a second before Bramble expires to get a full hp/mana restore.
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