71 death, casual HC

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Hey all. Just wanted to pop in and say that I just lost my lvl 71 Embermage on Casual ****. I'm sure people will troll, but it was so much fun playing on **** as opposed to normal mode. This is the first game I have ever played on **** and it made the game so much more exciting, even on casual. I like collecting loot and just cruising through content, that's why I picked casual, but even on casual the idea that dead is dead really adds something to the overall experience. I'm going to try a berzerker next. The only regret I have is that I was killed by some dumb poison spores in the swamp section on my second go (NG+) and that was that! I also had one of the scrolls that spawn the rare set vendor in my inventory which really **** that I lost it, so the exp I learned was anything even close to valuable, put in your chests! My 2 cents on HC mode. Just letting others know that even on casual it is really fun and still has plenty of edge of your seat moments. Thanks!


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    I hope no one trolls you. It's an impressive feat to make it to NG+ on any difficulty in HC and well on the way to level 100. Good luck on your re-roll.
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  • Welcome to your new addiction! :)
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  • thanks guys, i started another mage on normal this time around and going to focus more on fire, than jack of all trade build. We'll see how it goes! ty for replys
  • I keep trying to kill my berserkers just so I can restart them... and I haven't even hit level 20 yet. High five for taking death like a champ.
  • I read the name and though "wow, died 71 times on casual" :lol:

    I first played with a HC Outlander on Veteran. Died in the first challenge portal :oops:

    Now I keep starting new classes, one guys is on Act II.
  • Yea I set out to just have fun and finish the game on HC casual and just kept going to see if I could hit 100. The thing that **** is that my final end was very un-heroic. I kill all these bosses and go through all the maps and side quests for glory just to meet my end in a stinking jungle by a tiny little spore and his friends lol. I'm playing normal now and it seems about the same as casual, except the bosses take a tiny bit longer to kill. Other than that, I don't see any difference between the 2 difficulties, so if you are having fun on casual, don't listen to anyone telling you its "easy" all that matters is that you enjoy your time in T2. Just my op.
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    i love playing hc mode..the adrealine it gives..just loving it..
    lost today my 45 lvl berserker on normal mode..it happened so fast on elite mob..not sure if i got one shotted..was quite squishy build..pure dmg, crit
    but anyways..now i started new hc char and fun continues :)

    and to op, may you char rest in peace ;)
  • thanks, and yours as well.
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    I have tried like 5 times to finish the game on **** veteran with a Canoneer Engeneer but I have gotten kill always.

    Actually I started at the beginning in normal **** but I found it too easy so I started on veteran but I´m getting kill...

    So I decided to do it on normal **** so that I can at least finish the game once and then hopefully things will get more interesting in NG+

  • Personally, I can't stand elite HC. Have to play too defensively to have any fun imo. I roll with Veteran, but I can understand the enjoyment of playing casual **** as well.
  • I like it just because you always have to pay attention and the boss fights actually feel like you earned something. I was playing an embermage on normal non-HC and it was so friggin boring. I hadn't died, but still that really didnt' seem to make a difference. I am now on a casual HC zerker and it is totally different playing HC as a melee vs. a mage where I have to get in and get my hands dirty. I got stuck up against a wall and even on casual it became quite tense getting out while cornered by 2 elites lol. Rock on HC, whatever difficulty you use.
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    Good job on getting to level 71.

    I lost my first HC casual summoner engineer at level 50 (no luck with getting summon scrolls). Only summon scroll that showed was the imp at level 1 strength. I lost him to a stupid mistake trying to upgrade a summon weapon (augmentation) which meant I had to the killing and they got me.

    I will be doing another summon engineer or more of a mixed support engineer hopefully get more luck on the summon scrolls.
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