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Long time lurker, 1st time poster.

Loving the game, been playing it just about every day since it came out last week but I have one, and only one serious gripe... The pointer cursors are way too small and easy to lose track of in higher resolutions (especially during heated battles, which is a pain at times). So I delved into the program folder and noticed that the icons folder contains the game's cursors in standard Windows .cur format. So it should be as easy as doubling them up in 64x64 formats and saving over them, right? Wrong... I tried this and they're still the same.

I even looked into the file and noticed that the cursor sets in the icons\ subdir are actually completely different (possibly scrapped ones from earlier development). So I've tried making an icons\ mod which doesn't change anything at all either.

Is there something I'm missing here? Are the cursors hard coded into the executable itself? That'd be a drag if that's the case. :(

EDIT: Turns out they're embedded in the Torchlight.exe file as well. And any attempts to resize them don't work.


  • Don't have any ideas as to where or how to do this but I'm just curious what resolution you run?

    I play on 1920x1080 and I never loose track of the cursor...
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  • That's what I play at as well. It's fine when doing other general tasks like exploring, menus, etc. But during battles with massive mobs it's easy for me to lose track of it and can be a detriment.
  • I have problems clickin on the enemies. Sometimes I just end up runnin in circles around em cause I cant seem to click em in a spot that registers and makes the red outline come up on em
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    Same problem here. I run at 1920x1200 and the color and size of the mouse cursor icon is very easy to melt into the background. Often times I have to go swirling the mouse round in large circles very fast so that I can catch with my eyes where the cursor actually is. Many times I think I know where the mouse cursor is located only to find out it's nowhere near where I thought it was.

    I too attempted (and completed) resizing and coloring of the existing mouse cursor icons provided in the games folders only to find out that they were not the ones that the game was using as not even the colors changed. At first I thought maybe the exe controls just the size and the cur files in the folders control the look of them, but it seems the OP might be right and that the cursors icons are hardcoeded into the exe file which is way beyond how much I want to mod the game. But if somebody comes up with a mod to increase the size of the mouse cursor icons in th game I would love to get my hands on it. It would certainly make playing the game a bit easier in regards to where the mouse cursor is on my screen at any one time.
  • Bump.

    Made this account just to post this. Having the same problem with "melding cursors". :o It's too easy to lose track of the mouse location in the heat of battle.

    Tried replacing the cur files, no luck. Spent a hour checking various texture and imageset files for other possible locations of the cursors, no luck too.

    Any dev to comment on which file to edit at least? I can do the rest myself.

    The problem is with the cursors having too many colours and details. I need them to be of higher contrast.
  • Perhaps a mod that simply centers the cursor on your character at the press of a shortcut could be good.
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    So no way to change the cursor? For me too it's a real disturbance. I use 2048x1280 but it's more a problem of colors or something. I don't care much if it look nice the problem is that often I don't know where it is anymore and then search it quickly visually is a real trouble.

    EDIT: Ha well with Mac Torchlight it seems easy:
    • In ~/Documents/Steam Content/common/torchlight
    • There's the application package: TorchlightMac
    • Right click > Show package contents
    • In it the folder : Contents/Resources/icons
    • In this folder the 4 icons the game use, it's just png files. I backup original icons then edit those I want make clear (made them almost white).
    • And it's not looking good but now I have very easy to see fight cursor and never lost track anymore.

    Ugly result but very cool! :D Well someone with more patience and artist feeling could do something looking cool AND easy to see.
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    On my Mac Steam version, the .app file is in ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/torchlight/

    BUT, that being said, I was able to edit the icons in Seashore and it worked like a charm! They're much easier to see now. Who would have thought that something would be EASIER to edit on the Mac version for once?

    Thanks for hunting those down, I was messing with the .cur files in Resources/media/icons to no avail.
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    For the windows steam version of Torchlight you can use an editor to extract the cursor files from the exe, (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\torchlight on Win7,) edit them and then replace the cursors in the exe with the edited versions.

    Do a google search on AniFX if you dont have a suitable cursor editor. (Extract is on the file menu, Resource Editor on the tools menu will allow you change (replace) a cursor in an exe with one you have already prepared.

    If like me you have virtually no artistic ability you may find it easiest to just adjust the colour balance, 30 units to the red and green boxes should change the cursors to look golden rather than brown, hopefully making them a bit more visible.

    Unfortunately even if you increase the size of the cursors the game seems to scale them back to the original size.

    Dont forget to back up your original exe before you change it in any way or else steam may not be able to autoupdate Torchlight in future, and of course it may also be useful if something goes wrong.
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    Thank you Grimlar. Your solution worked well for me!

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    How do I change back my default cursor on my computer? I had a program downloaded for cursors (by accident) and used one of the cursors. I since then deleted the program. How do I change my cursor back to the default white arrow?
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    Right click on desktop and then click personalize....on the left (or down below on Vista) click mouse pointers and change it to whatever you want.
  • Thanks to Grimlar for detailed manual.
    These icons for normal, attack modes I used (borrowed from HoN happycursor mod)
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    Ugh. I run into this problem quite often. Dear Runic, please add an option to improve mouse cursor visibility!
  • Hmm. I just used ANiFX to mod the attack.cur and pointer.cur cursors in C:\Program Files (x86)\Runic Games\Torchlight\icons (I'm not using Steam), but they did not take. Don't know why.

    Okay, this is getting more weird by the minute!

    Before changing the attack and pointer cursors, I backed them up to a separate folder on my Desktop. Well, after things didn't work, I copied them back to C:\Program Files (x86)\Runic Games\Torchlight\icons, from where they came, BUT it pastes the ones I edited BUT with the original Torchlight date of 8/31/2010 -- well, at least it's showing the edited icon of the adjustments I made but and with the original date.

    Now, how does that work? I tried copying/pasting again...same thing! I mean, it shouldn't even know there's a separate adjusted copy of the icon elsewhere. Weird, weird, weird!
    Still, too, I haven't been able to get the adjusted icons to be recognized (all I did was change the color to be brighter).
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    YoloMouse, everything we all needed. Small, lightwight, works like a charm! Tried just yesterday and I'm very happy with it!
    Btw, I'm playing on 28" UHD panel, you can't imagine how tragic it is with default cursor...
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    Hey thanks lacko! That is actually extremely cool :P
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