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Lots of interesting Engineer Builds have been cropping but get lost in the threads so I figured I'd organize them a bit. Feel free to let me know of any I missed! Suggestions for organizing welcome too! :D

**** Elite Builds List (looking for builds!)

1 Handed/Shield Builds:
Potential Elite Tank Build - 1H/Shield by dudewiththepants
Sword and Board Tankgineer Build (under Elite testing) by Placeholder
[GUIDE]Arsonist NG (fire based 1h/Shld) by PaulTM
Run and Gun - Pistol/Shield build by teikjoon
[UPDATED 10/31] SCE QuakeTank 1H/Shield with questions by kaeroku

2 Handed Builds:
Complete Guide to a 2H Melee Engineer Elite NG+++ With Video by jadenharrow - Updated 11/6/12
[Guide] Pure DPS Flame-Hammer by JonnyDagor
Engineer 2H DPS build - Flame Dancer/Flame Warrior V2*Update by sydneyh
2H Melee Storm Hammering Build and Gear Guide - Experimental by FullMetalJack
Zeus - The 2h electric build by Doctorbomb (Veteran, not Elite Tested)

Double Weapon Builds:
The Quaker. (DW Build Elite tested) by Shamcrank - UPDATED 10/9
[VIDEO] Battery-Powered Berserker (DW Strength) by Sweeter

Summoner Builds:
Elite New Game + Full Vit..Summon Eng..Fully tested!!! by Bokuden
Bokuden's Elite HC Summon ENG Build - no rerolling needed!! by Bokuden
Elite Build - The Ninjaneer - A Mage Tank With Pets! WIP by The Reaper King
Tank Summon Engi Video + Thoughts by Odir
Spider Mines Build Guide by robproctor83
Silencer - an Elite tank build for the unusual Engineer by timthe3nchanter

Mage Builds: (category subject to change, no specific weapon, focus based builds, non summoner driven builds)
Aegineer - Another focus based Engi by Malpheas NOTE: only Veteran Tested

Cannon Builds:
The Canoneer- A detailed Guide to Abilities and Priorities by Vallhael
Get your Cannon on! Cannoneer guide by Phillter
The Devastator Cannoneer by Ianus

Fun Builds - Not meant for higher difficulties, only fun:
Jayce LOL Build (Hybrid Cannon/2h) by Gwydeon
Grey Engineer Build by ember
[Guide] Tanky 2Handed Engi Build and Thoughts by BloodyBartuc (no longer going to be updated as of 10/11/2012)

Skill and Stat Analyses/Tests:
[RESEARCH] Maximizing Damage with Stats by Caspid
Lets Crackalacka Redux - LvL 100 vs the Dummy (Tank) by Wonka11
Strength vs. Focus by multiple authors
How Emberquake Really Works - [RESEARCH] by beastmodeengaged
Creator of Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker

Build Lists For Elite I maintain
**** Elite


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