Announcing Torchlight 2 Rapid Respec

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[EDIT: Last Update 8/31/2013, version 2.04]

I am pleased to announce:


Torchlight 2 Rapid Respec is an unofficial, fan-made respec editor for Torchlight 2.

Main Features:
  • Free, unlimited respec of attributes, skills, and spells.
  • Faster (and more forgiving of mistakes) than the in-game interface with a respec mod, especially for high-level characters.
  • Optional character legitimacy controls to restrict build possibilities to only those that could have been produced through normal gameplay. (If you use these, your character will not be labeled as a cheater.)
  • Guild-Wars-style load and save builds with a single click. (A customizable scaling and breakpointing algorithm adapts builds across different character and fame levels.)
  • Guilds-Wars-style build codes for sharing builds over forums or in-game chat.
  • Aesthetic controls -- change your character's name, ****, face, hairstyle, hair color, bandana color (Outlander), pet name, pet type, and pet scale.
  • Cheats -- give your character more gold, clone your character, change single-player difficulty level, change NG cycle, resurrect dead **** characters, promote a softcore character to ****, (resurrect and) demote a **** character to softcore, and change death count. (Your character will not be labeled as a cheater.)
  • Remove the "cheater flag" caused by console use.
  • Remove erroneous mod bindings so that your character can be played without the bound mods and items are preserved.
  • Broad compatibility with mods.


Installation & Usage:
For installation instructions detailed usage information, please refer to the complete help file online.

Download Current Version: 2.04
The current version is compatible with .svb save files from TL2 patches 1.22.x.40 through 1.25.x.2. It will remain compatible for all future versions retaining .svb version number 0x44, and quite possibly beyond that.


Change Log:
  • Version 2.04: Fixed a rare bug that sometimes caused a misparse of pet data.
  • Version 2.03:
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused crashes when loading characters with badger, deer, or headcrab pets.
    • Fixed a rare bug that sometimes caused crashes or misparse of pet data.
    • Fixed bug that caused mod binds not to be stripped from items in the pet inventory when stripping mod binds from items.
    • Refined pet type change feature to account for different file structure of badger, deer, and headcrab pets. Certain type changes that used to generate a bad save file (e.g. Badger → Dark Grey Wolf) will now work properly.
    • Note: The format for the Pets.txt mod compatibility configuration file has changed with this update. If you're using this file to make Torchlight 2 Rapid Respec compatible with a mod, you need to make a new file. Please see the mod compatibility guide for instructions.
    • Added detection and notification for abnormal file structure at pet color. (Probably caused by old versions of Torchlight 2 Rapid Respec -- sorry!) The abnormality can be fixed by using the pet type change feature and selecting your pet's current type as the new type.
    • Added additional safety checks to parser so users are more likely to encounter an error message instead of the program crashing when a save file fails to parse.
  • Version 2.02:
    • Fixed a bug with support for pet mods.
    • Added functionality to strip mod data from pets.
  • Version 2.01: Fixed a bug with Vortex Hex not being recognized.
  • Version 2.0:
    • Updates for Torchlight 2 major patch version 1.22.x.40 and GUTS:
      • Torchlight 2 Rapid Respec is now compatible with version 0x44 save files. It is no longer compatible with version 0x42 save files.
      • The "Load Character" dialog now displays characters from both the "\save" and "\modsave" directories, and indicates which directory each character is from.
      • The preview panel now displays whether a character is modded or not.
      • Added support for new pets: Panda, Alpaca, Stag, and Headcrab.
    • MOD SUPPORT! Torchlight 2 Rapid Respec is now compatible with many mods, and even modded classes! In order to configure Torchlight 2 Rapid Respec to be compatible with your mods of choice, please follow the instructions in the mod compatibility guide. If you find the mod compatibility configuration too complicated or difficult, you can download configuration files from other users.
    • New features to strip mod bindings and remove mods from your character's mod history.
    • The pet type change feature is expanded to include fish transformations.
    • New pet scale change feature allows you to change your pet's size. Ever wanted a chakawary the size of Godzilla? Now you can have one.
    • Better handling of the confusing extra pathnames in the Steam version of Torchlight 2.
    • Torchlight 2 Rapid Respec nows comes with a Windows installer/uninstaller. The installer should solve a lot of installation and configuration problems. A .7z archive is still available for those who prefer it to the installer.
    • The spell respec tab is now disabled by default. This feature always behaved erratically, and duplicating spells/tomes in StashNinja is frankly a better and less risky method. If you really want to use this feature, it can be activated in the options menu.
    • Reworked build codes to support the potential additional data requirements for mods. Build codes no longer contain spell respec information.
    • Dead **** characters are now revived with their base health rather than a flat 100 health.
    • Fixed a bug with the program hanging during update check if no internet connection/connection problem. The update check will now always timeout correctly.
    • Numerous revisions to the help file, including a mod compatibility guide.
Show older change log entries:
  • Version 1.05: Added support for new Badger and Owl pets.
  • Version 1.04:
    • New feature: Added cheat option to change death count.
    • Another bugfix for "Parse Error: Never found huge pre-pet FF block" for some high-level characters. Bug should be really, completely dead this time.
    • Fixed bug that caused brown bulldog and brown ferret to be detected as "unknown pet."
  • Version 1.03:
    • Fixed bug that caused "Parse Error: Never found huge pre-pet FF block" for some high-level characters.
    • Added new EXPERIMENTAL spell respec feature. In v1.03 spell respec only works for players (not pets) and can only add spells if you have blank slots.
    • Build codes have been further compressed from 76 characters down to 72 characters. There is backwards compatibility for old build codes.
    • Fixed bug with file selector for saved build codes initially pointing to the wrong directory.
    • Minor UI improvments such as tab order fixes and typo correction.
  • Version 1.02:
    • Support for extra-long names. Rather than disallowing any name longer than Torchlight 2's name length limit (15 characters), name change/clone features will now warn that a name exceeds the limit and let you choose whether to proceed. (Use extra-long names at your own risk)
    • Fixed bug with name change/clone sometimes not working if new name was not the same length as old name.
    • Fixed bug with pet name sometimes being incorrectly detected as "yyyyyyyyyy."
    • Improved parser's ability to detect when a parse error has occured. (Leads to more error messages, but fewer corrupted save files.)
  • Version 1.01: Fixed bug with female ->male **** change.
  • Version 1.00b: Fixed bug where manual update check incorrectly thought it was v0.99.
  • Version 1.00:
    • New features:
      • Added cheat option to remove "cheater flag" for console use.
      • Added cheat option to change newgame cycle.
      • Added persistent default save directory choice to the options menu.
      • Options menu now pops the very first time the program is run so user can make choices about default save directory and automatic update checks.
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Fixed major crash bug. (This should fix ALL instances of "the program crashes when I try to do X.")
      • Fixed bug with softcore/**** change not working properly with NG+ characters.
      • Fixed ****-change file corruption bug. Face and hairstyle are now both set to type 0 when changing ****.
      • User is now outright prevented from attempting to change pet type when pet is transformed.
      • Expanded character set for name change features to include ` ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - = _ + [ ] { } \ | ; : ' " , . < > / ?
      • Fixed bug with Outlander hair/bandana colors.
  • Version 0.99: Initial release

Known Issues:
  • Turning off Steam Cloud Save is strongly recommended. Steam Cloud Save does not always respect the timestamps on files. This causes it to sometimes overwrite a save file that you have just edited with Torchlight 2 Rapid Respec with an older version of the file from the cloud. If Torchlight 2 Rapid Respec appears to work properly, but then the changes do not appear when you load the character in Torchlight 2, Steam Cloud Save is likely the cause of the problem.
  • Spell/tome respec is still experimental. It is now disabled by default.
  • Level-based skill caps don't always match the game. This is because the skill caps for certain skills are buggy in the game. There's nothing I can do about this.
  • After changing ****, the icon in the character selection screen may show the old ****. The icon will be corrected after the first time you load the character into the game.

Special Thanks:
Special thanks to LordNightmare for figuring out the descrambling algorithm, and to Shatter for the checksum alogrithm!
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    Please post bugs, support issues, and feature requests in this thread.

    FYI: I will be away for the next 4-5 days with dubious possibility of internet access. Do not panic when you don't get responses from me right away. I will see to this thread when I return.

    Also, I suggest reading the help file if you have questions. It's very thorough; it might answer them.
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  • ogbootogboot Posts: 230
    Curious about fame points.
    There is no cheating in Torchlight.
  • This is a huge release !

    Many thanks.
  • VesperVesper Posts: 14
    Gonna try this out; look great!
  • UncleJimUncleJim Posts: 689
    Right on dude you have been working on this sense the beta. Congrats.
  • ZiddersZidders Posts: 14,348 ✭✭✭
    This is pretty tight, Cthon. Slick.
  • This is pretty awesome. Not sure I will use it myself but regardless this is really cool.
  • That is a really nice tool, will DL for sure.
  • qianqian Posts: 290
    thank you Chthon, LordNightmare, Shatter, and whoever else

    no respec mod can beat "Free, unlimited respec of attributes, skills, and spells."
    I also like the "clone your character" feature

    will definitely try this mod out once I have time
    BrianW wrote:
    Well, you can do full respec if you really want to. Create a mule character, spawn a [LINK DELETED] from the console and put it in your shared stash. Your target character should be able to use it without a problem.

  • imolateimolate Posts: 294
    very very interesting.. so it can respec attributes? thats kool.
  • Elazul2kElazul2k Posts: 122
    Nice! I have been waiting for something I can respec my Embermage's stats on since I completely messed up along the way and don't want to level up another character from scratch! Many thanks I will give it a try!
  • Wow! After reading the online help file I think this tool is uber mega super cool! :)
    I'm going to change my bandana color to red.
  • AzealAzeal Posts: 162
    Downloading to fix my first chars' attributes. And because this is just so handy looking. Very nice.
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  • undertaker79undertaker79 Posts: 153
    Thanks a lot for all the hard work you guys put in making this. I have been waiting for this ever since you mentioned it after beta, will give it a try and update with any findings.
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  • imolateimolate Posts: 294
    does this give cheater flag?
  • You're a beautiful person. I love you.
  • BrianWBrianW Posts: 2,310 admin
    Cool project! Really awesome to see people put a lot of work into their modding efforts. :)
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  • CarbonCarbon Posts: 83
    For most of the time when I try to change something like a Name or gold amount or anything like that, the program crashes for me
  • Carbon wrote:
    For most of the time when I try to change something like a Name or gold amount or anything like that, the program crashes for me
    It still changes it. The crash just happens. :/
  • SoryuuSoryuu Posts: 96
    edited December 2012
    Thank you for this, Chthon! :)
  • MaudDibMaudDib Posts: 11
    Cool... but yeah, it crashes a lot and changed my hair to a different color than specified. :) Also, my **** change and stuff didn't work. Looking forward to a more functional version of this program though, tis a good start.
  • 1st1st Posts: 61
    Fantastic release, great work and thanks for sharing!
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  • Is my character going to flag when I use this mod?
  • marichelle wrote:
    Is my character going to flag when I use this mod?

    do a bakcup of all, try what you want to do then when you are ingame just enable the console and type doicheat, if it say : no you don't cheat, no problems :).

    Example: scaling attributes (not giving more than what you should have) don't flag you :).

    Thx to the author of this mod finally i can adjust some of my messed characters ^^.
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  • We were depending on respec potions but they only works for skills, not stats. And the option to normal game limitations is the best.
  • imolateimolate Posts: 294
    Destello wrote:
    We were depending on respec potions but they only works for skills, not stats. And the option to normal game limitations is the best.

    oh so no respec on stats? lamee
  • AridenAriden Posts: 10
    imolate wrote:
    Destello wrote:
    We were depending on respec potions but they only works for skills, not stats. And the option to normal game limitations is the best.

    oh so no respec on stats? lamee
    By default, no (unless you use the console which flags you).

    But mods like OP's fix this.
  • HiTBiTHiTBiT Posts: 17
    Great tool! Thank you very much for your effort!
  • Running into some issues playing around with the tool this morning.

    I cloned a character, then changed the name and did a respec on the clone. After saving, the game will not launch, it crashes after the opening splash screen and dumps to the crash report dialog.

    I made a backup of my save directory before making any changes, and I figured out that if I just delete the save for the cloned character, the game launches just fine. So it's not a HUGE deal. The problem is, Steam syncs that busted clone file back down to my PC every time I try to play and makes the game crash again. So, now I have to play with steam sync turned off (which kinda **** when using multiple computers).

    Is there a way to clear the cached files on Steam? If I try to re-open the cloned character in the Respec tool, it says "Unable to parse file" where the name should be.

    Any suggestions?

  • why is the exe try to open connection. is it really safe?
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