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Was rocking Veteran difficulty with a lvl 22 Engineer until I started getting 1 shotted by champions in Ossean Wastes. Remade up to 3 characters and got up to Salt Barrens. Current char is at lvl 40 Salt Barren but I can only progress easily with the occaisional challenge on Normal Difficulty. As soon as I make it a Veteran game it's bad news. Just wondring if there is any tips or such so I can go back to Veteran?

My resistance armors are in the 200's, along with physical armor. I don't know of any exploits or anything so I am just playing this game raw.


  • Post your build, need more info to help you.
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    Engineer's a tough class at low levels. People claim it's the easiest class - but that has certainly not been MY experience with the class. It's a good tank, but it has a severe issue when it comes to dealing damage at low levels.
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  • I have just got to the end of chapter 1 with my first HCV engineer. I have not had too many problems so far, but I am a bit worried now!

    I have re-rolled the world once so far, and I am level 23. I am going with a sword and board style character. I have healing bot & FF, which so far is proving to be pretty effective.

    I have about 20 points of heath regen per second, plus about 30 points of life leach on my weapon. This has allowed me to go toe to toe with most bosses and maintain a decent level of health.
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