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Hey all! I have been working on this project under wraps for the last week or so and only releasing screenshots to people on my facebook. Well, time to let the cat out of the bag!


Proto-Torchlight is everything I, as a gamer, have always wanted. It uses' Torchlight 2's engine to make a completely new action RPG game set in 1968 during the very first viral out break in Hope, Idaho. It tells the back story of Elizabeth Greene set in the Prototype universe. The twist is, this time you get to play from the perspective as one of the infected!

As an infected, you will be a little weaker and will need to coordinate your attacks strategically in order to survive. Everywhere you go, you will encounter both allied infected creatures throughout the battlefield as well as enemy Blackwatch forces. Both factions will constantly be waging war everywhere you go. You'll need to lure the soldiers into larger groups of infected in order to take them down. You alone versus four blackwatch soldiers will stand no chance!

Below are some quick screenshots of the various models I've rigged up so far, to pique your interest:


The Evolved

Red Light Spider

Supreme Hunter

Hunter Brawler

 Walker (3 variations)
 Shambler (5 variations)
 Bruiser
 Evolved
 Hunter
 Brawler Hunter
 Flyer
 Red Light Spider
 Infected Dog
 Supreme Hunter (uses the model of the Tyrant from RE: Operation Raccoon City)
o Elizabeth Greene (or “Mother”)
 Reptilian Hunter (uses the model of the Hunter from Resident Evil)
 Titan

o Blackwatch Trooper
o Blackwatch Officer
o Blackwatch Demolitionist (Beltway from RE: ORC)
o Blackwatch Assassin (Vector from RE: ORC)
o Blackwatch Sniper (Spectre from RE: ORC)
o Blackwatch Scout (Four eyes from RE: ORC)
o Super Soldier
o Gentek Researcher
o Gentek Scientist
o Blackwatch Specialist


I will be importing over 300 static props from houses to chain link fences to street lights and everything in between to give the world that much needed 1968 feel that Hope, Idaho was in at the time of the first outbreak. I will also be re-texturing EVERY environmental surface from the ground to trees to rocks and cliffs using the ground textures from Diablo 3. For Gentek science installations, I will use the textures from StarCraft II.

Well, there's your first look! I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to hearing your comments and feedback.


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