Stuck Cant Access Forgotten Halls.

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Guys, how do I gain access to the Forgotten Halls? Ive crossed The Sundered Battlefield and found the 2 portals but I cant go any further except back through the portal.
Ive checked the walkthroughs but it simply says enter The Forgotten Halls and kill a boss called Thiss who I believe gives me a crown. This is also stopping me from doing the quest Heartfire. Please help fellow Torchlight players, love the game and well worth the money.


  • Have you talked with a big robotic eye in the door before that?
    Omae wa mo shindeiru
  • Where is the robotic eye? Near the portals? Im having to make my through the area again because the mobs respawned!
  • Ah, its just allowed me to enter, sorry to of wasted your time. Tks.
  • Luca955Luca955 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem..... the difference is that i already got the quest, but i cannot find the portal to get to the entrance of the forgotten halls
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