The Band Played On = Broken achivement? (Minor spoilers)

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I was just looking through my Steam achievements and realised I got the achievements for killing the 3 witches (quest given by Trillbot), but I don't have The Band Played On, which is the achievement for assembling Trillbot.

Given that you can't get the witches without getting Trillbot, is the achivement bugged? And more importantly, is it going to get fixed?

(just looked on Steam global achievements and it looks that way too with 5.4% getting the witches achivement but only 0.1% getting The Band Played On...)


  • NauzhrorNauzhror Posts: 1,090
    Yes it's bugged, some people claim it's been fixed, but it doesn't seem to be to me as I just did the quest again yesterday and didn't get the achievement then either.
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  • I've repaired Trillbot with 3 characters so far and I didn't get the achievement. I thought for sure it was fixed around the same time as the Mushroom Pickings achievement.
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