[CONCEPT] "Badass" system?

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We all know that what **** with a character is when you've hit the max level, no skill points/stat increases anymore, and the rest of the game is finding that BiS (best in slot) gear for your specific build. Sure, that's fun, but what if we adopted a system similar to the "Badass" system of Borderlands 2?

For those that don't know what it is, completing certain "challenges" allows you to spend tokens that upgrade your character on a more miniscule level, so as to slowly keep your character getting stronger but not overly powerful too quickly.

However, I feel a system in Torchlight 2 would work as this:

- Your character would have to be max level first. At this point, you would find a unique "Charm" akin to something in Diablo 2 -- keep this in your inventory, you get bonuses, etc...
- You'll find "badass" upgrades dropped as unique drops, or something along those lines. Something to keep them rare but not impossible to find
- These upgrades can be crafted with your charm, and will apply a random *SMALL* upgrade to the charm

This way, you're encouraged to continue to play your character more, and besides grinding for gear, your character will get better and better. Will there be a breaking point with your character becoming overpowered? Most likely, but the idea is to set that very very far down the road, or even have the upgrades come at a rate similar to a reciprocal function, in that you achieve the most upgrade out of it the first time, and less and less in that stat every time it's upgraded.

Finally, I'd like to see certain stats upgraded with this, things like:

- Movement Speed
- Skill cooldowns
- Crit %

Increasing movement speed by 3%, then 2%, then 1.5%, ... hopefully wouldn't be gamebreaking, but at least give you something to look forwards to.



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    Hello there, I think this is a great idea! i would love to see something along the lines of this implemented into Torchlight 2 :D
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    Custom gem types (charms?), and custom socketed item that you get from a max level quest reward, and done. Won't be able to carry it in your inventory, though because items don't apply bonuses until they are applied to your equipment slots. Might be possible to create a custom item slot (Pocket?) for it in the UI though. That is the tricky part. Easiest solution would be to make a 1 of a kind necklace that only comes from quest reward. It might have 4-6 fixed slots.

    The challenges could be custom quests that require you to do X, Y, Z, and when you do, you are rewarded with a selection of charms to choose from.

    It would't be hard to get the basic concept of this mod completed. What would be more difficult would be to manage the small details to actually get it working and viable as an end-game system.

    I might consider this for my next project.
  • thief425thief425 Posts: 87
    I have a prototype of this working now. It's just a matter of balance and tweaking at this point.

    - introduces a new equippable item slot with a very low drop rate, featuring random magic properties and up to 5 sockets.
    - Introduces a new, rare socketable item with random magic properties that can be placed in the new equippable item.
    - New features will begin to drop at level 99, most likely from champions.

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    Nice work, thief. Look forward to having some extra end-game action. :)
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    sorry for the necro. Hi Thief! Are you still pursuing this project?
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  • I need more info on this. do you mean a "rebirth" system, ala Phantasy Star Portable 2 infinity?
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