How can I record my torchlight alchemist gameplay on linux?

aironeousaironeous Posts: 2
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I am playing torchlight on linux that was sold as part of the Humble Indie Bundle. The Emperor from Star Wars aint got **** on me. I'm killing fools left and right with lightning and with my weapons granting 100+ health per hit I'm pretty much "dudebro2 my sh** is f***ed so I have to shoot/slice you, it's straight up dawg time" ing my way through the game.
(That's a game that makes fun of macho man games, you should check it out, it's funny)
I'd like to start recording some gameplay and putting it up on youtube. What program should I use?

I am on a 64bit 6 core amd 3.2 ghz with an overclocked gtx 460 using the latest 304.6 nvidia drivers for linux 12.04. Since I am using the MEX distro I have 8 desktops to choose from, usually I use KDE but I can use another one if I prefer.

Question 2: How can I get torchlight 2 demo working on this rig on my virtualbox windows 7 guest. It just crashes after the first hint splash screen. I've tried both steam and direct from the website versions and I have fully defragged the win 7 guest system and installed guest additions and constantly update my linux everday.
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