Do you resist the dark side?

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Johnny 13 is wandering about on the empty fields of the Temple Stepps. Everything so quiet. Forces of evil weeded, even the Bone Gallery was cleared yesterday with the accidental aid of a fistful of higher lvl characters. It was too easy. Johnny missed the struggle. Anyway, there was nothing left but a Phase Challenge and Grell. Let's do the PC! Fingers crossed, Johnny 13 enters the portal. A sigh of relief: it's not "raise the columns". Three runes to activate, three chests to earn. The first was easy, but those fire shooting rushing skeletons hit so hard. Got to be careful. If only I wasn't so sleepy... Let's do the second! Ugh, I nearly died. Potion, potion, potion. Luckily I have enough. Why does it not end. Heaps of broken bones all around and they still keep crawling up from beneath the ground. Teleport, potion, heal pet, teleport. Die, die, die!... Finally, I thought it would never end. I'll give up the third chest, just get the **** out of here. Ok, Grell was easy as always. Found some nice gear, Frosted Hills, here I come! Checked for multiplayer but no appropriate games found. Ah well, let's do it singleplayer. Johnny is slaughtering spiders and wolves with delight. Fire and Ice, it seems a nice combination (Magma Spear and Icy Blast). Let's enter the cave with that robotic drum. Come you ugly spiders and burn! What?!!! What happened. ****, Johnny is dead! I didn't even see those small small spiderlings. Are they not critters? Fck this, I'll just revive. Fire up RapidRespec real quick...

And then I died a couple of more times because resurrection places you right back where you died with only a few drips of HP. But I managed to solve it in the end. (Alternatively I could have just joined any MP game to start from a town.)

And now I have a dilemma. Should I continue with Johnny 13? Pretend nothing happened? (It was in SP after all, no one saw.) And what if I die again?
Or should I start from scratch yet again? I have a life: family, work. And I already have massive sleep deprivation from this game. It was so a stupid death anyway...
Or maybe I should just stop playing EHC and revert to say VSC? But EHC is the only mode I ever experienced teamplay in MP. And I love it so much.

What would you do? Were you never tempted by the dark side?
(I play without using the shared stash, so starting from scratch is really starting from scratch.)


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