Melee "Battle Alchemist"?

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I've just bought Torchlight for XBOX and I'm loving the game. My favorite class is the Vanquisher but I've been getting my melee and magic fix soothed by this Alch I've been leveling so far to 26

The general idea I've been going with is the Battlemage, that is, melee with a staff with magic boosting my damage and survivability. Main skills are Ember Shock (which I ike to yell Falcon Punch! as I use), Ember Shield for defense and Infuse to boost my melee damage. Other skills I've been using are Pyre for some good cheap AOE damage and my Beam Golem to act as my own personal artillery support coupled with Burning Bind

the question I suppose is it feels as if I'm missing something: just one more niche to fill to round out this characters playstyle though whether its something defensive (like a clear with Terror or a debuff like Frailty) or offensive or perhaps another pet. I orignally was playing around with the melee Golem and a few imps but the alch golem was just too good with more points invested and I was able to stand back and let him beat things up, which I'm not interested in as I save my standing around in the back and shooting things for my Vanquisher which also means I'm not terribly interested in picking up any long range nukes.

any suggestions?

Bonus Question: Am I missing something with aiming Ember Strike? On the 360 it just blasts a patch at the very edge of my screen. Is there no way to select which enemy, or how close to shoot it?


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