How to survive the Regent (embermage)?

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I managed to get to the Ice Deep Cavern with a semi-ironman embermage (no shared stash, no reroll, no farming, and no PB, singleplayer). There I died to a plethora of bats (mostly due to sleepiness). I converted to softcore (with RapidRespec) and continued because I was curious how my build would function further into the game. I died two more times to Chillhoof but then I realized I forgot to drink my ice resistance potion. After that I killed him without further problems (I was lucky enough to get Elemental Protection II right after the bats). So at least it seems doable. (It could also help to kill Pogg first, that dungeon turned out to be lower level.)

But inside the Watchweald Temple I started to really feel the lack of a few extra levels. I died two more times to bosses. I still think that with some extra caution (and maybe lightning resistance potion) I could have gotten through without dieing.
And then came the Regent. At first I was doing ok. But then mobs started to swarm, tentacles everywhere, possessed-guardian rushes, lag, Regent teleporting all the time. It was hopeless. I died like 20 times (lost count) till I managed to kill him. Now, that's definitely not viable. Are there any tactics against the Regent? Or should I give up on no reroll because it's hopeless?

Btw build was Focus only till 100, then Vit only (just a few lvls of that though). Geared for +HP. Wand + shield (I simply didn't get a good shield. It was only 7% block + 12% reflect missile). MS(5), BP(2), CM(few), FB(1), HS(5), SM(1), FF(few), IB(1), SB(1), TL(1), WC(1), LB(1) - as far as I remember. I didn't get many spells. Pet had Silence I, and I had Elemental Protection II. Wand was fairly good (115 DPS with sockets if I remember right), augmented too - but it was bugged and it didn't count champion kills after 4/10.


  • I can see your problems right away with your skill list. I don't remember all the skill abbreviations, but there is no FP (Frost Phase) which would increase your survivability 10x!

    I don't see no merchant or no NPC in your rule set, so you should have most set or rare gears, preferably with one enchant each.

    Ranged characters shouldn't have any problem with the Regent even in elite with no reroll. I have done it two times with Embermage (fire and ice) in HCE with the following details:
    Stats - If you kill everything with no reroll, you should be:
    Lvl 22, 1300+ HP, your stats is fine and wand DPS is more than enough (I had a sub 100 DPS wand in my first successful kill)

    Settings - Turn everything off or to low since you have lag issue.

    - Don't stop moving! Circle on the outer edge and don't get close to the inner ring because the huge tentacles could one shot you.
    - If something is blocking you (mob or tentacles), Phase through it. Use Phase regularly to re-position yourself.
    - When you see the Regent at safe distance, fire at him several times. You should ignore the mob and your AOE spells should take care of them when you fire at the Regent. My fire mage launched about 1-3 fire bomb and 4-8 MS shots each circle.
    - When you see any hints of abnormal animation from the Regent, no matter what, RUN!

    Good luck. Have fun.
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    My bad, of course I had FP(1) just somehow I missed it out from the list.
    Though I didn't have Firebombs. Maybe I was too impatient and I cared too much about the mobs. So I should have concentrated solely on the Regent then?
  • I haven't tried embermage but I found with my berserker that it helps a lot to run in circles around the entire regent's area. There will be enemies near the regent and he will start casting spells, tentacles will pop out of the ground, etc. so you don't want to stay near him for a long time. You could shoot him several times with your spells and hopefully set him on fire or poison him to get some damage over time going, then run away before all the bad stuff starts happening.

    There's a few things you need to be wary of:

    The tentacles in the center will smash you if you stand directly north, south, east, or west too close to them. You can run through that spot but if you stop there to cast spells you will die.

    The regent itself has a one-hit killing move if you stand too close to it for too long. A giant meteor or something drops from the sky and smashes you. If you see him start to cast it then its a good time to move.

    The small tentacles that pop out of the ground will kill you if you try to run directly through them. That is the purpose in running in circles around the regent area. They will spawn behind you and despawn before you finish a lap.

    I think the guy that was suggesting that you should have the mage teleport skill is correct. With my berserker I used storm burst to "teleport through" enemies safely when needed. For the mage, you would just teleport over anything that happens to get in your way. As long as you keep running in circles you can avoid most of the nastiness, but of course the more nastiness you can handle the longer you'll be able to dish out damage and the faster the regent will die. It took me quite awhile to kill the regent with my untwinked, unfarmed berserker.
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    I never had the fight against the Regent last more than 2 minutes, probably never over a minute. I always jumped 100% of all points into focus and used gear for survivability, not vitality.I was using a very different build though, namely PB+brands to do damage.
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  • It is of no consequence if you can kill the regent in 2 minutes with PB since one of his requirements was *NO PB*. PB is a somewhat overpowered skill for mages when used in combination with all of the brands and other elemental boosting spells. Other skills do not provide the same level of DPS, plus he does not possess your degree of practice at the game. I would guess a more realistic time to beat the regent the first time without dying would be more like 15-30 minutes and that would improve with practice.
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    I hadn't noticed his no PB clause till now actually. Without using PB I'd probably go for more ranks in Hail Storm than he had (it is an awesome spell for both AOE damage and CC due to it slowing down enemies it hits), more ranks in Wand Chaos as well, and use Icy Blast instead of magma spear. The reason for Icy Blast is because Hailstorm makes enemies more susceptible to ice and electric damage, but not to fire damage.

    2 Ranks in Elemental Boon would definitely not hurt either, both for its defensive capabilities to increase survivability and to boost damage by roughly 5% (10% when active, but cooldown is double duration).

    Ice Brand wouldn't hurt either.

    1 rank in frozen fate would probably benefit the build as well. I still wouldn't target the normal enemies intentionally, but hailstorm will kill some of them, which can then trigger frozen fate and freeze the regent.
    "All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others." - Douglas Adams
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