Jagged camera movement in 1.17, 1.18

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The effect is subtle. First I was thinking maybe I was just too tired, but no, it's there. And it has started to annoy me very very very much.
Since the 1.17 patch camera movement became less smooth than it used to be. No, it is not the bug related to proximity-based effects from items.
It's not a drastic FPS drop, just as if the movement of the scenery would periodically stop for a few milliseconds as if watching it through a stroboscope - just much more subtle. Also the game seems more laggy when there are a lot of monsters then it used to be. Simultaneously, gameplay feels to be juuust a tiny bit faster.

Anyone having this? Or am I hallucinating?

Also, monsters and my toon alike sometimes seem to "fall through" terrain: they are shown as if they were behind obstacles,but in fact they are not.


  • peti29peti29 Posts: 117
    Apparently there has been a sneaky Windows update downloading in the background. Either that, or I got used to the effect, can't tell.

    As for the other one (I do hate when users batch multiple bugs into a single report. But I'm a user now. I am sorry, though.)
    I managed to catch a screenshot. I'll upload later. First I thought things are just rendered as if they were behind terrain, but now it seems that they are in fact behind/under the surface. It's not a too serious bug though (IMO) and it happens rarely enough.
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    Yeah, if you have a Windows Update waiting to be downloaded, it will cause a whole bunch of issues. Did you try letting it complete the update?
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    Yes, it's been completed since then. Actually I wasn't even aware of it downloading and automatically blamed the clumsy gameplay experience on the patch, sorry for that. The Windows update only became apparent to me when the next time I switched on my machine and saw the finishing of the update procedure at system start up.

    As for the screenshots I promised regarding the other issue:

    Another guy also encountered the same phenomenon: see here. But overall I don't think that's a particularly important bug, I just mentioned it so that I don't seem completely crazy :).

    Keep up the good work! :beer:
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