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Please excuse this work in progress: I previously had this in the wrong discussion and Im just moving it here for now. I am just brainstorming a workable crafting system for TL2.

Crafting Basics
Crafting is done with random world Transmuters.

The following transmutations are to be supported:
  • 4x[gem] gives you one [essence] with an item level of 1/4 of the average level of the gems.
  • [essence]'s may be combined as well.
  • 3x[essence] + 1 [item] gives you a new item. If the item was less than unique and the essences were of greater level than the item, the item will be of the next highest quality, and appropriate bonuses will be generated. If any one of the essences is of lower level than the item, only the bonuses of the item will be rerolled.
  • 2x[essence] + 1 [item] will yield a gem slot on the item.

Random world Transmuters
Just like how in normal gameplay you may find an enchanter in dungeons, I would like one option for what you find there to be a transmuter. These transmuters are crafting transmuters, as opposed to regular ones.

Combining essences
From 2 to 4 essences may be combined, forming a new essence. When you transmute essences, the one with the highest item level is returned: there is a chance (25% * number of essences) that the returned essence will be of a higher level.

Two essences will yield an essence with an item level of 1+the higher level that went in. Three will yield +2 to the highest level essence. Four essences in yield a +3 bonus.

Restrictions: Essences may not be combined past level 100.

Crafting items
It would be nice to preserve the same bonus types when an item's quality is upgraded. IE, an enchanted vampiric weapon might remain vampiric when upgraded to rare.

Creating gem slots
Items may be given gem slots. For the transmutation to work, the essences' total item level must be n^(n-1) of the number of slots the item will have when completed (1, 2^1=2, 3^2=9, 4^3=64), plus the item level of the item to modify: ie, to give a fourth slot to an item of level 16, would require 2 essences with a total item level of 80.

Restrictions: No item may receive an additional gem slot if it has 3 or more slots already. No legendary item may be modified.
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