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A lot of the League of Legends Characters already have kits that are more or less suited for torchlight. Seeing as a class has 3 tree's I think it's a cool idea to combine 3 similar LoL champions into 1 Torchlight 2 class. I feel as if the two worlds cross over extremely well as both seem to have very similar themes. When we consider that each Champion in LoL is designed by professional game designers and undergoes hundreds of hours of testing I don't think it's a bad idea to incorporate the champion into Torchlight 2.

It also gives us some unusual classes, rather than the generic "Elementalist", "Necromancer" or "Beserker"

Here are some examples:


The Seeker is based off the Champions Kassadin and Malzahar. It's special power is harnessing the power of the Void and as such it's charge meter would definitely incorporate this. There would be a lot of purple incorporated into the build. The main attributes would be Focus, Vitality with some Dexterity. Special Weapons would be Daggers.


Void Walker:

Skill 1 [lvl 1] = Nether Blade; imbues current weapons with void energy

Skill 2 [lvl 7] = Rift Walk; Teleportation that damages in the landing area.

Skill 3 [lvl 14] = Void Static; Consistent DoT around player.

Skill 4 [lvl 21] = Force Pulese; Close Ranged AoE attack that slows, possibly consuming charge.

Skill 5 [lvl 28] = Void Stone; Converts Damage into Attack Speed

Skill 6 [lvl 35] = Null Sphere; high single target, silencing ability.

Skill 7 [level 38] = TBA

Passive 1,2 & 3 = TBA

Void Prophet:

Skill 1 [lvl 1] = Void bolt; Single Target ranged attack

Skill 2 [lvl 7] = Malefic Visions; Single Target DoT that can spread to multiple targets

Skill 3 [lvl 14] = Summon Voidling; Summons a voidling

Skill 4 [lvl 21] = Null Zone; Turns an area into a high damage DoT

Skill 5 [lvl 28] = Void Mastery; Player Floats, increasing Speed and Dodge chance

Skill 6 [lvl 35] = Call of the Void; Silences enemies in a line, with high damage

Skill 7 [level 38] = TBA

this is just a quick example and I'm sure there are countless more combinations, which I will probably be creating away in my mind until I have the time to start producing some cool stuff myself.

I should also mention, not only has the design already been made but so has the a lot of the artwork. The sounds and icons for the spells would be simple to take from LoL. It's clearly stealing, but for non-profit and it's a way to see some top quality content coming from 1 or 2 modders.

Personally I am not good at codding but I am good at Image manipulation and creation so I might create artwork that could help build up support.


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    Cool idea! In terms of the legality of stealing the sounds/art, I'm FAIRLY sure it's okay for you to instruct people to copy files from their LoL game directory, you just can't distribute them yourself. You might have to have people repackage the mod though; I don't know how external resources like that are handled. Either way no one's gonna care but we probably can't talk about it here on these official forums. :)

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    Nice idea!

    I would like a "Gem Knight" class, mixing Taric and Skarner, would be as awesome as your seeker!
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    Yes best idea ever never thought any one besides me had it. anyway i just want to ask if these champions packages you are talking about are present in the LOL folders ?
    or you will just try picking necessary files from the net ?

    and For a champ : yasuo will be hilarious !
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    You can use Torchlight assets or artwork you've made that's fine (I like the idea of structuring classes to mimic LoL's champions) but I would recommend NOT infringing on Riot's copyright or If you are going to do that sort of thing you shouldn't distribute it. Pretty sure using their game to infringe on peoples copyrights would make Runic feel bad (I'm pretty sure it's against their tos though I haven't looked at it in a while), and it just makes modders look bad in general.
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    it is true that it would be a great idea to use Lol champs in torchlight but why should it infringe the Lol copyright, ? it is a Mod not an official patch. but the problem is When you start winning fame and maybe money from it, Riot may pursue you for copyright infringement, this also happened with many digital stuff like Cartoon shows.
  • I have actually had this same idea before, and I am actually doing really well at conceiving how various characters' skills could be incorporated into TL2. The main issue I'm encountering is that I have no real experience or understanding of the GUTS engine. If I could find someone who has a firm grasp of the modding engine, I could either support with my conceptual designs and analytical thinking, or, if the person were willing, I would love to learn enough of the actual modding of GUTS to work on some ideas myself as well. It would be an incredibly fun project.
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