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Hi, I've been having this problem for at least six weeks now. I'm on Floor 4 of the Broken Mines and I can't reach the Alchemist. I've opened the valves to reach the last teleport to the Alchemist. However, walking into the teleport doesn't cause me to teleport. The first time I stepped into the teleport I was awarded some fame, though.

Before entering the Broken Mines, I did speak to the mana guardian in the Minehead, and I received a quest instructing me to locate the Alchemist. However the quest was hidden and I had to open the quest panel (via the Q key) to see it. Also, I believe that when I entered the teleport on floor 4, the quest changed to say 'defeat the Alchemist.'

On my first character, I used the console to complete the quest and descend a floor so that I could complete the game, but this marked me as a cheater. Now my other characters are reaching this point in the game and are unable to progress, but I'd rather not have all my characters marked as cheaters. I was hopeful after seeing the "Quest Related" bits in patch 1.17.x.14, but they don't seem to have resolved my problem. I've been playing Mapworks and NG+ on my first character for the past few weeks, but it's a bit frustrating to be unable to get anywhere on my other characters.

Here is an screenshot of my second character sitting in the teleport, not being teleported:

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


  • I will begin looking into this.
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    I know this post is 5 years old but I am having the exact same issue. I looked around online and several people said to restart in multiplayer. I tried this multiple times but nothing is working. Is there a solution to this??

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